Robot Swarm Construction

The construction industry is different from other industries due to its large-scale projects, high investments, and other reasons.

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Construction field is also risk-oriented in many aspects such as underwater construction, usage of heavy machinery, accidents due to human errors, etc. Due to the involvement of a large number of people, it is not possible to eliminate these errors. There is a great need for advanced technologies to overcome these problems in the construction sector. Robot Swarm Construction is such a technology which helps to overcome these problems.

About Robot Swarm Construction

Robot swarm construction designed and developed in the Harvard University. Harvard University’s “Self-organizing Systems Research Group” built and programmed the small construction robotics to work together as a swarm. The concept of this technology inspired by termites and their skill in constructing monumental pieces using mud. The Harvard robotics researchers followed the termites working style off without taking any orders from others to create this technology.

The robots (four-wheeled) used in this technology has the ability to build a brick-walls by lifting and laying the small bricks in the required position. With the help of sensors installed within their design, robots can detect the presence of other robots in their way. They also follow the rule of getting out of each other’s way by using the sensors. Due to this application, there is no need for controlling operation for these robots. Like termites, no one needs to control them, but they only need programming to build the things in a proper design.

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Design factors of Swarm Robots

The following factors have to consider to get the potential benefits from this technology:-

  1. The actions and timing of robots are isn’t always predictable. The robots should be correctly programmed to avoid these type of problems.
  2. The hardware design of robots should be simple enough to construct a specific design.
  3. The robot should have the ability to use sensors for manipulating and sensing their shared environment.
  4. The robots should be self-controlled.

Applications of Swarm robots:

  1. Construction of space station
  2. Construction of deep underwater gas pipelines
  3. Construction of brick towers.
  4. Disaster rescue missions
  5. Surveillance and environmental monitoring


As this technology improves more, it will help us to build things where humans can’t build those things easily. In the future, robot swarm technology will become an alternative solution to underwater construction, hold back floodwaters and others.

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Robot Swarm Construction
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