Robotic arm in construction

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Many technologies have been developed which directly benefits the work in construction. Some of the technologies that affect technologies are modern building materials, advanced methods, etc.

Now the recent development is done in the field of robotics and the field of IoT can be directly implemented in the construction industry.

In this current project, we will be seeing the various applications of a robotic arm in the field of construction.

Robotic arm: It is a programmed mechanical arm which can perform various activities similar to the human arm and can even perform advanced technologies without any human interference.

Steps to build a robotic arm

  • Collect various items like servo motors, wires, Arduino boards, etc.
  • The next step is to plan the body and build it
  • The next step is planning of robotic claw and building it
  • Now after building the model, understand it by testing it with programs
  • Next plan the important component which is the brain using Arduino circuit
  • Now program the robotic arm and test it for various procedures like the lifting of items, etc.

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  • The major application of robotic arm is that it can reduce the number of labors by a considerable amount
  • The cost of planning the project gets reduced consistently
  • The time of construction can also be reduced by using a robotic arm
  • The safety factors in the construction can be increased when a robotic arm is used in construction


  • The precision of the work can be highly increased
  • The activity of production can be improved and which helps in the early growth of the project
  • The work which is done by these robotic arms are very fast and very efficient
  • The advantage of a robotic arm is that the factory conditions can be changed effectively


  • Robotic arm is to be monitored continuously.
  • They are neither creative nor innovative
  • It requires expertise labor for their operation
  • The initial cost of construction is very high
  • The disadvantage is that there is a chance of program failure that might lead to loss


From the above project, it can be concluded that the usage of a robotic arm needs to be developed for easy use.

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Robotic arm in construction
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