Automatic Grass cutter using Arduino


You heard about the world like smart homes, smart streets, smart cities, etc. Many homes have smart functions like turning on and off the lights with voice and many other functionalities. Many cities are also leading towards smart constructions like smart cities and smart streets. Automatic street lights, automatic parking systems are some of the examples of smart city planning. This is only because of the smart technology ‘Internet of Things’ commonly known as IoT. The technology helps to communicate between hardware. It helps in robotics also. In this article, we are discussing another project named Automatic Grass Cutter using various basic IoT components. So if you want to learn more then stay connected with Skyfi Labs. We will definitely provide you all information about every technology.

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Project Description

So here we are talking about Automatic Grass Cutters using very basic IoT. So this project is somehow a hardware-based project. We are going to develop a system that can cut the excess grass of the garden automatically. If there is an obstacle in the garden then it will automatically change its direction. It helps to reduce human efforts. The article provides a basic overview of the project with components required for the project.

Software Components

Arduino IDE: Arduino Integrated Development Environment is the platform developed using the functions of C++ and C. It helps to write, run, and upload the program or commonly known as a sketch to the Arduino board. It is also useful for many other boards.

Embedded C: It is the language used for embedded devices.

Hardware Components

Motor Driver: Motor driver is used for the interfacing of the control circuit unit and motor. Motors need more energy so the driver helps to convert low current signals to high current signals so that the motor rotates without interruption.

DC Motor: So it is a rotating shaft that runs on electric current. The direct current converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Solar Panels: Solar Panels can convert solar energy into electrical energy.

Battery: It is used for the alternative options of the solar panels.

Blades: Use thin blades to cut the grass.

Ultrasonic sensor: Ultrasonic Sensor has a transmitter and receiver. It is helpful to detect the obstacle range.

8051 Microcontroller: It is a microcontroller used for many of the power tools and embedded devices to control the device.

We need to interface the ultrasonic sensor via Arduino IDE. Just run the sketch and upload it. The four wheels are attached to the DC motor as a cart. And one blade is attached downward for grass cutting. The metal string is also an alternative to the blades. The ultrasonic sensor detects the obstacle and stops the cutter. So this is a basic structure of the system.

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Automatic system

Hands-on of the IoT devices

Interfacing of the components

So here is the skeleton structure of the project. Skyfi Labs also conducts some courses on the Internet of Things technology. You can visit our courses for more information.

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Automatic Grass cutter using Arduino
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