Hopping Robot Simulation using ROS


For the development of robots in the computer required many tools like simulation tools, third party tools with s/w drivers. ROS framework helps you by binding all these necessities in a single package. ROS is an abbreviation of Robot Operating System which is used by many organizations for robotic simulations and automation. It is a meta operating system which is an open-source and its main highlight of the framework. Robot Operating System can also be installed on the microprocessors like Raspberry pi. You can code and use the required tools for your project work. In this ROS robotics project, we will look at the overview of the robotic simulation using ROS. Skyfi Labs will help you to learn more technologies in the competition.

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Project Description

So we will see the overview of Hopping Robot Simulation using ROS. We are using ROS development studio which is the web application by The Construct. It is available on your web browser. You have to just create an account and login with credentials and can start coding for your new computerized robot. You can also test your simulation in real-time. The project is for the intermediate learner. The article gives an overview of the ROS project. The actual implementation is time-consuming. It needs more practice also. So following are implementation guidelines:

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Implementation Guidelines

  1. After log in to the ROS development studio, there is a create new project option. You can create a new project by entering the name and make it public or private also.
  2. You can install required packages from the shell which is in the tools option. It divides all the descriptions and simulations required. Also, you have to clone the robotic model(design) from the GitHub by entering the clone address in the shell.
  3. Now open IDE in tools, you can see all the packages and models which were installed by us previously.
  4. There is .urdf file created in the IDE which consists of the robotic code like the main body shape, colour, number of legs and their joins etc. It is the skeleton of the robot which is further useful for the simulation.
  5. Now in the base, you have to create some tags for the platform characteristics like collision for solid base and inertia. Also, do some assembly of the project.
  6. Here we are using Gazebo simulator. The simulation is a robot simulation made with Gazebo, a 3D simulator with the ability to accurately and efficiently simulate populations of robots in complex indoor and outdoor environments.
  7. The simulator is basically used for the quantities like pressure, friction, the hardness of the base etc.
  8. It will create the power of the hopping legs and friction at the bottom of the robotic legs.
  9. So at this step, we are done with a physical overview of the base and can check it by clicking and selecting the simulation file. Also, load the robotic body by importing gazebo_ros package having type spawn_model.
  10. The next step is that we have to add transmissions and controls to the robot. It is done with gazebo_ros_control which is useful for the simulation of a complex mechanism. It loads the appropriate control managers and hardware interface. Also, set the direction for the movements of the robot.

So this is the overview of the ROS framework and its project. The main project implementation is more complicated and deep. If you want to learn more about ROS development then stay connected with Skyfi Labs. We are providing many courses on recent trends.

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Hopping Robot Simulation using ROS
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