Mobile Controlled Robot

This project involves building a robot that can be controlled by sending the instructions to the mobile phone that is connected with it. The robot functions using the DTMF (dual tone multiple frequency) technology to establish the connection. The application of this robot varies from remote monitoring to surveillance.

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The robot will be embedded with DTMF decoder/encoder and you will be needing 2 mobile phones to make this project. One phone will be placed in the robot itself which will be used to receive the signals from the user and another phone will be used to send the signals to the robot using DTMF. The robot uses 8051 microcontroller to process the incoming commands and actuates the DC motors accordingly. The robot chassis should be more robust, if you are planning to use it for remote monitoring purposes.

You need to program the 8051 microcontroller in such a way that whenever it receives the command from the user through DTMF technology, the robot should actuate accordingly. The robot can be modified further by mounting a wireless camera onto it and make it function as a surveillance robot to carry out specific set of actions.

Project Implementation:

The main usage of this robot is to capture images and videos of inaccessible places and should transmit them to a receiver which can be a computer or a TV unit. Here the 8051 microcontroller will be used as the microcontroller and act as the brain of system.

The hardware implementation in the mobile controlled robot are as follows,

  1. Sensor Unit: The sensor unit of the robot consists of the wireless camera that can capture images and transmit them to the receiver unit in the form of digital signals. The camera can be as far as 30 miles away from the receiver. A night vision camera can improve its visibility either by amplifying the available light using image intensifiers or using infrared rays. It simply works on the principle of thermal imaging.
  2. Receiver Unit: The robot will also have a receiver unit which will receive the command signals for controlling the motors and other robot units
  3. Actuator Unit: The major actuator unit present in the robot is the DC motors which facilitates the movement of the robot in all the directions.
  4. Control Unit: The robot uses DTMF (dual tone multiple frequency technology) to communicate with the user. One mobile phone will be placed in the robot and the robot’s actuation can be controlled by sending signals from another phone which is with the user.

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Project Specifications:

  1. 10 RPM DC motors are used to actuate the robot and it connected to a 12V, 4.5Amp battery
  2. A controller will drive the motors using a motor driver IC
  3. The DTMF decoder module will recognize the DTMF tone and gives 4 bit data to the controller
  4. And as per the commands received, it drives the motors by sending signals to the motor driver IC
  5. The L298N is a high current half H- driver designed to provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600 mA at voltage from 4.5 V to 36V
  6. The wireless camera fitted on the robot works on 12V DC supply and this voltage is taken from the battery that is placed in the robot itself.

Programming language: Embedded C programming

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Mobile Controlled Robot
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