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Character control with body motion - Augmented Reality project

AR (augmented reality) has changed the way we see the world. Nowadays Augmented reality is widely utilized for various applications like Architecture, Retail, medicine, sports, etc. For example - You might have observed during a football match, the name of the players and scores will be displayed above their heads and also in shopping centres, you can trail clothes without wearing it.

In this AR project, we will develop your favourite movie characters and will try to control the characters using body motion. Following are the tools used to build this AR project:

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  • Unity 3D
  • Zigfu
  • Kinect drivers
  • Vuforia

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Project Implementation

First, download and install the latest version of the Kinect SDK for windows. It helps you to create applications which support voice and gesture recognition.

Next, download and install the Zigfu development kit (ZDK) and ZDK browser plugin it helps to develop applications for the Kinect platform.

Now we will download the datasheet using Vuforia SDK goto Vuforia developer portal and login then goto target manager and click on Add database. Create a database named Zigfu after creating the database go to the database and select the target image and give the size of the target then add it. After adding the target download the datasheet for unity editor from the database.

Download the unity extension software from the Vuforia and install it. Now download the license key for the Zigfu application by going to the license manager tab in the Vuforia site.

Open the unity application and create a new project click on Asset and goto import packages to import the downloaded zigfu files. At the bottom left corner, you can able to see a dropdown of the assets folder click on the zigfu and select sample scene folder.

Click on any sample scene and click play to visualise the scene. Now you can observe, the character will move according to your movement.

Now import the AR camera and Image target from the Prefabs folder under Qualcomm Augmented Reality. Load the generated license key into the program by clicking on Load dataset zigfu. Copy-paste the licence key in the app license key tab. Goto image target and set the dataset to zigfu.

You can now see the target image on the screen. Now we will modify the character’s size and appearance. First, align the character in the middle of the target image and save the file. Now click on play to check the character movement. You can observe when you place the target image on the camera the character pops up and it replicates your motion.

To import custom characters click on window > asset store. Search for your favourite character and import it to unity. Change the size of the character according to your wish. Now assign the appropriate character reference to the character such as head, neck, torso, waist, etc.

After creating the character click play to test the working of the character. If the character is not moving properly change the size of the character and try again.

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Character control with body motion - Augmented Reality project
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