Augmented Reality

Smart Business card using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new kid around the block which is widely used for various applications from retail, medical to business.In this AR project, we are going to develop a Smart Business card using AR.

Augmented reality is just an artificial world or a layer of objects that are added to our real world. It enriches the real world by adding interactive elements. It basically works by recognizing the real-world objects, image and adds the digital objects over it. Thus the primary objective of AR is to deliver artificial objects into the real world.

Applications of Augmented reality

Because of its various advantages, Augmented reality technology is utilized by various industries. Below are some industries where AR is used:

AR-aided education

In education, interactive teaching methodology plays an important role as it helps students to understand the concepts quickly. Augmented reality applications such as Elements 4D, Google Sky Map, etc. helps students to learn the concepts properly. 


In sports, AR is used to project the ball trajectory, to show statistics of the game, and also to display the score. 

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AR plays a major role in healthcare as it provides a lot of opportunities for training purposes. Medical students use this technology to practice complex surgeries and also to study in detail about the human body. 

Maps and Tourism

Tourism is a major area where AR is used to do magic. AR guided maps help tourists to reach their destination by providing great user experience. Also when they visit historical places AR apps give them with the details of the place interactively. 

E-commerce and retail

These industries took the AR to another level by providing a better user experience for their customers. Using AR technology the customer can try out the product without even going to the shop. 

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How to develop an AR smart business card?

Vuforia is one of the best SDK to develop AR applications, where you can create AR applications for various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. To develop an AR application you should be equipped with knowledge of C++, Java or C#. 

You can also use Vuforia cloud recognition feature to make your smart business card which allows you to store the image targets in the cloud. By doing this you can save a lot of time and it also provides more flexibility. 

Below are the steps to develop an AR business card:

  1. Design your AR business card in Sketch and configure how you want the people to navigate between the sections.
  1. Export the assets from the Sketch to create a seamless transition between AR and print. 
  1. Use the back image of your card as an anchor point. Place all the images in the reality composer and align it accordingly with the navigation buttons. 
  1. Create the remaining AR scenes and use the same anchor for all the scenes. 
  1. Create animations and transitions between scenes and don’t forget to add the back button.
  1. Now export the developed file and host it online thus when a person scans the QR code this AR file will be displayed. 
  1. Print your business card with the QR code embedded with the link and share it with others. 

Providing a business card with AR technology is one of the best ways to expand your business and attract more customers. This also adds more value to your product/business. 

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Smart Business card using Augmented Reality
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