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Why build a health monitoring wearable glove project?

Wearable devices are the new trend.
These devices collect data from the person wearing the device (like pulse, location, sleep etc.) and send to the cloud for storage and analysis.
Wearables are considered as the biggest innovation in technology since the smartphone – and the possibilities in this are endless.
This course helps you to learn, design and develop a wearable project with your own hands!

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What you'll learn in this course

In this course, you will build a Health Monitoring Wearable Glove which can be worn and used to display the heart rate of any individual on the display mounted on the glove. The pulse on a person is sensed using a pulse sensor, which sends information to the Lilypad Arduino board to command the LCD to display the heart rate.
As part of this course you will learn about:

  1. Pulse sensor - working & application
  2. Lilypad Arduino Architecture and its Programming

youtube video
youtube video
  • Learn: Wearable Technology
  • Learn: Wearable Technology: Design Considerations?
  • Learn: Health Monitoring Glove
  • Do: Kit Unpacking
  • Review: What are Wearables
  • Learn: Pulse Sensor
  • Learn: Pulse Sensor: Working
  • Do: Pulse Sensor: Power and Detect Pulse
  • Review: How to Sense Pulse
  • Learn: Arduino: An Introduction
  • Learn: Lilypad Arduino Architecture - Structure & Features
  • Do: Connect and Detect the Lilypad Arduino
  • Review: Lilypad Arduino
  • Learn: Introduction to Arduino IDE
  • Learn: Structure of Arduino Programming
  • Learn: FTDI Board: Basics and usage with Lilypad
  • Do: FTDI Driver Installation
  • Do: First program in Arduino: Blinking LED
  • Review: Lilypad Arduino Programming
  • Learn: Design Schematic of the Health Monitoring Glove
  • Do: Integrating Lilypad to Glove
  • Do: Integrating Pulse Sensor to Glove
  • Do: Integrating Power Supply to Glove
  • Do: Integrating Display to Glove
  • Learn: Concepts of Serial Communication
  • Learn: Programming Logic
  • Do: Write the Code
  • Do: Compile the Code
  • Do: Flashing the Code onto the Wearable Glove
  • Review: Programming the Wearable
  • Do: Final Connection of all Components
  • Do: Testing your Wearable using pre-built application
  • Do: Testing your Wearable using your program
  • Do: Powering and Testing
  • Do: Upload Final Project Video
  • Do: Download Certificate
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4) Submit assignment

Complete the course and submit your assignment to get your certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions about heath monitoring wearable glove project

How to build a heath monitoring wearable glove project?

Login to our online learning portal will be provided instantly upon enrollment. The portal will have video lectures, tutorials, and quizzes required to build the heath monitoring wearable glove project. Kits are well tested and shipped to your doorstep in 24 Hours. Use the kit along with the online portal to complete the project at your home itself.
You can enroll for free demo to understand how it works better. Pay only when you are confident and if you like it!

How much time do I have to complete the heath monitoring wearable glove project?

You need to complete the project within 45 days of enrollment. Generally, the project would take 16-20 hours to complete.

What will be in the heath monitoring wearable glove project kit that I will receive?

You will get all the components needed to build a heath monitoring wearable glove project. The following are the list of components that you will get in the kit,

  • Lilypad Arduino Main Board
  • Pulse Sensor Amped
  • TM1637 Display
  • FTDI Connector
  • Conductive Thread
  • Course Manual
  • USB 2.0 to Mini Cable
  • Velcro Band
  • Single Pin Connectors
  • AA Battery Holder
  • Hand Glove

Multimeter and Battery (6F22 9V) are required for this project. Shipping these items isn't possible due to the logistics issues. These items are easily available in your local market. Our team will assist you in getting these items if needed.

Should I enroll in Online Course or Offline Workshop?

To help you select the right mode of learning, here are the features of both:

FeaturesClassroom TrainingOnline project based course
KitWill be given in class & taken back after the trainingWill be dispatched to you in 24 Hours
Doubt Clarification1 trainer to 40-50 studentsPersonal 1-to-1 session (Video/Chat) with our experts
FlexibilityFixed place and timeAnywhere, Anytime - at your convenience
VenueFixed, only when schedulesAnywhere as per your convenience
Additional cost for studentTravel, Accommodation to reach the venueNo additional costs
RefundOnly before training program startsUpto 3 days of receiving the kit
Revision Using study material in pdf formatSee the video lectures/tutorials any number of times
Pause & ResumeNot possiblePause and resume any number of times
Hands-on session1 trainer to 40-50 studentsHigh clarity videos showing clear steps which can be reviewed any number of times
CertificationUpon Completion Upon Completion
ExaminationOnline at extra feeInbuilt in the course

Can my friends build along with me?

Ofcourse, and we strongly encuorage that. The course is fun and learning is more effective when you work together, learn together and build together!

  • A team can have maximum of 5 members.
  • All team members will get separate logins and certificate.
  • One kit will be sent per team.

Why does your kit look rugged?

With Skyfi Labs you get to build projects from scratch “literally”. Building projects using rugged components will give you the confidence of a creator and helps you to realise that products can be “created” rather than “assembled”.

We want you to believe that you don't need factory-made kits to innovate and innovation is something that happens in your brain. We want you to have a mindset of using components available around you for innovation and not look at amazon for kits.

Am I eligible for this course?

If you have written even 5 lines of code in C in your life, you are eligible. The course covers content from very basics. So you can enroll without much prior knowledge in microcontrollers. What is needed is a strong desire and passion to build projects!

Who will clarify my doubts?

Our expert trainers are available to clear your doubts. It is very simple. You will just have to select a time slot that is suitable for you (you will see this option once you start the course) and your trainer will call you at that time and help you. The doubt clarification sessions are always 1-1. So you can ask as many doubts as you want any number of times!

Should I return the kit after completing the project?

No, the kit is for you to keep. You need not return it after completing the project.
You can further upgrade your course and pay only for the additional components to build new projects!

I already have the hardware components with me. Can I get only the project assistance from Skyfi Labs?

Yes, you can enroll in the course opting for only training without kit. You will get a flat 50% discount for this.
You will get lifetime course video access, 1-1 expert assistance & smart certification. You can contact us at to get your 50% Off coupon code.

Can I access my course video modules after completing the project?

Yes, you can access the course video tutorials for lifetime. This will help you in reviewing the concepts learnt on the go and prepare well for your interviews/project presentations in the future.

Why should I choose Skyfi Labs?

Skyfi Labs, a venture by IIT Kanpur alumni, was founded with a motive to make learning by building projects super easy for students all across the globe. Training 2,50,000+ students across 30+ countries, Skyfi Labs got prestigious awards like 2nd Best Business Venture Award, Ideas, IIT Kanpur | 30 Most Promising Startups, Next Big Idea, IIM Bangalore | Runner-up, UnLtd India Growth Challenge etc. Our courses have also been in the curriculum of IIT Delhi for the last 5 years. With such an experience, you can be rest assured that you will get quality project training from Skyfi Labs.
If you still dont like it, dont worry. We offer 100% refund if you apply within 3 days of receiving the kit.

How can I contact Skyfi Labs?

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries. Email:, Toll-free: 18001237177 (10AM - 8PM; Mon - Sat)
We prefer email contact as that can be replied by the right expert who can answer your question!

What is included in the fee?

The fee you pay includes:

  • Project kit
  • Course manual & content
  • Charges for support & shipping

Upon payment, we will also provide you with a tax invoice for the above mentioned.

Any more questions?