Social Media Site using Python (Django)

Social media is the best way to connect to friends over the internet. We use social networking sites like Facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp and more in our daily life. What if we can build our own social site to share posts, images, videos, chat, make friends!

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So in this python project, we are going to build a small project to develop a social media site. 

Project Description:

The main theme of the project is to build a social media website where the user can do the following things:

  • Register if new user
  • Login
  • View the feeds
  • Add posts
  • Share the posts
  • Comment on posts
  • Like the post
  • Share photos
  • Share Videos
  • Send friend request

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Admin of the site should have control over:

  • Designing and developing the website.
  • Creating and updating the database
  • Inserting, viewing, updating, deleting the data in the database.

Project Implementation:

The project will have the following modules:

  • Post module: All the functionalities related to posts will be in this module.
  • Friends module: Manages operations related to friends.
  • Photos module: Manages the upload, sharing, deleting of photos.
  • Videos module: All the functionalities related to video such as insert, view, delete will be in this module.
  • Sharing module: Manages the functionalities related to the sharing of photos or posts or any media.

The project should provide the functionality for generating the report related to share, friends, posts, and statistics of visitors.

Technologies used for this python project:

Front-end: HTML,CSS, Bootstrap

Back-end: Mysql, Django, Python, Javascript.

Software requirements: Text editor and Python3.

Programming  Languages: Python, Javascript, django

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Social Media Site using Python (Django)
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