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Free solar based simple project ideas

Published on 22 Feb 2020. Written by Muskan Gupta

Free solar based simple project ideas

The various sources of energy that have been available in today’s world used by many people and many of those sources are available to the population at a very minimal cost. That adds up to the carbon footprint of the atmosphere. The same put pressure on the environment of loving people. So, considering the needs, so many people have been working on building alternatives for energy generation. One of these resources is Solar Energy generation.

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Best DIY solar projects

Published on 25 Jan 2020. Written by Sangavi Kumar

Best DIY Solar projects


“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.”

                    — Henry Ward Beecher

As Beecher rightly said, the sun is one of the most quintessential elements for us to survive. Right from the little sprout that begins to germinate wide into the world to destroy several ships for the victory by Archimedes' Death Ray, Sunlight is the only cause. While the sun baking our planet along with baking us in recent years, we could really perceive this abundant resource as our benefit to run our livelihood. Doesn't it sound like Taylor Swift style? - Turning the negatives into a big hit! (Sorry, Can't ignore the reference coz of being a Swiftie! Swift stans never unstan :-D) Alright, coming back to the ball of fire. Sun is the endless source of energy we have right now that radiates over the earth every single day. The energy accumulated from this bright heat lamp in the sky called solar energy which can help humanity to lead the basic life and to reach new goals. Solar power is becoming more popular and a reliable renewable resource to the humankind. Just spare a few minutes to read the article to get more insights on solar power and the related solar projects that you could do by yourself.

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SOLAR ENERGY – New Technology or New Mind Set?

Published on 07 Feb 2017. Written by Siddarth Mehra

Best final year project ideas using solar energy for engineering students

We all know about Elon Musk, the guy transforming our vision on renewable energy sources. Who would have thought electric cars could become a style statement. Being an Indian, my vision was limited to why electric cars are a failure in our markets. My childhood was spent behind LCD screens watching the likes of Ferrari and Lambos roar their way to glory. A V12 made the Aventador, an uncontrollable beast which even Stig found tough to control (A shout out to all Top Gear Fans!).

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