Free solar based simple project ideas

The various sources of energy that have been available in today’s world used by many people and many of those sources are available to the population at a very minimal cost. That adds up to the carbon footprint of the atmosphere. The same put pressure on the environment of loving people. So, considering the needs, so many people have been working on building alternatives for energy generation. One of these resources is Solar Energy generation.

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1. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

2. Automatic Solar Tracker

There have been many projects that students look for to fit it in their certificates. One of the new developments is that the students are surfing through the net to look for projects that can actually solve problems. Various energy generation projects have been picked but the most famous of them all is solar energy.

While reading this article, you will come across various ideas about solar projects as well as many sources that you can go through to get the required information to carry the working of it forward. There are many uses of solar energy. The small solar panels are used in portable devices and the large ones are used for high wattage energy generation.

The various solar projects can be built including the solar trackers that allow proper utilisation of the solar energy falling on the panels. Some projects include building smart energy appliances like processing traffic through traffic lights. Solar Energy generation has so many advantages over the conventional sources of energy.

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What is a solar energy project?

The Sun is more than just a ball of fire. It lightens up the entire space and its elements. As we know, with the beginning of civilization, people have also called this ball of fire their god as it helps them in waking up and work their livelihoods in the light. As it disappears during the night, a sense of fear develops in the people. Just a few years ago, people have been following the signs and have wondered how the sun can be used for more than just a source of natural light.

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There have been recent developments in the generation of energy as the question of sustainability is raised at the universal level. There are so many advantages of renewable energy sources of energy like wind, solar and tidal over the conventional sources which use the precious resources of the land. A few advantages of solar energy are as follows:

  • Clean: As the alarm of nature pollution has hit the world, people have become caution in employing themselves in those activities that help them and at the same time help the nature to fulfil its own needs. The solar energy does not cause any pollution and it is purely environment-friendly. The installation itself is safe and sound with the environment.
  • Renewable: This form of energy does not require the employment of natural resources like coal, petroleum or any other gas. So, it saves the earth from the pressure of maintaining the count of natural resources that take thousands of years to replenish.
  • Inexpensive: Solar Energy is a one-time investment. The installation cost of the same ranges from low to high depending upon the size and placement of the plant. The energy is available day and night as there is an efficient way of storing it.
  • Requires less space: The installation of the project is easy and there is an efficient way of doing it. The project requires less space most of the time and is usually placed at a height like a rooftop of the building.
  • Reliability: We all know that the sun will always be available over our heads. It is always there during most parts of the day. During the night, the stored energy can be put to use. Therefore, this form of energy is very reliable.

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What can I do with a small solar panel?

Small Solar Panels are very different from the normal general use solar panels that are available beyond 60-72 cell panels. While surfing for the small solar panels online, you may come across many companies that manufacture the same like Panasonic, SunPower or LG, but they work mainly in handling large panels required for the generation of energy in comparatively large amounts.

The small solar panels are easy to handle. Since they produce only the required amount of energy, these panels are portable and are of manageable size. There are several uses of small solar panels:

  • Portable Energy: The big manufacturers often involve themselves in producing small solar panels. These can be used as portable energy application like a mobile charger or RV’s during camping trips.
  • Small Applications: The smaller sized solar plants can be used in day to day gadgets including the calculators or hand grinders. These save a lot of energy and have outstanding reliability.
  • Low Wattage Solar Plants: The small-sized solar plants can also be used for producing energy of low voltage. The sizes of these plants vary in ranges from 10W to 100W. These require less space for installations. The space required increases as the wattage requirement increases.

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What things are powered by solar energy?

The Solar Energy plants capture the sunlight and convert it into the usable energy. This is generated in two forms. (i) Photovoltaic power and (ii) Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). This form of energy is used for solar heating. The same has many uses:

  • Transportation: With the advent of technology and the need for sustainable development, the world’s greatest scientists are coming up with new ways of energy utilisation. The railroads, cars, buses and various modes of transportation take use of the electrical energy supplied through solar power.
  • Appliances: Watches, Cell phones, Tablets, Solar Dryers, Solar cookers, mini-refrigerators etc. are some appliances that work on utilising energy through solar generation. This saves a lot of energy and if the efficiency of energy conversion continues to improve, the technology can do wonders.
  • Lighting: Solar Lighting can be installed on roads and streets. They work on the stored energy generated through the sun. The sun shines bright and the device stores required energy while it utilises it to produce electric current to power the light.

Free Solar Based Simple Project Ideas

Skyfi offers a large range of solar project ideas that can be learned and worked on. The students learn new things and they get hands-on experience. Few of the simple solar project ideas are:

1. Solar and smart energy project


The same project utilises the benefits of both Smart Energy and Solar Energy to solve major problems in daily life. The students get hands-on experience of both types of energy. They solve major problems like syncing the traffic lights according to the traffic. This is a major problem on roads which carries heavy traffic all the times.

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2. Automatic solar tracker


The solar tracker is a device that moves towards the angle at which the highest amount of sunlight is falling during the daylight. This ensures that the panels always face directly towards the sun and the utilisation of energy is maximum. This is one of the best ways to learn in-depth about renewable energy technology. The hands-on experience allows the student to learn and innovate together.

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  1. Solar wireless power transfer
  2. Audio Transfer using LiFi solar project
  3. Solar Mobile Phone Charger
  4. Hybrid Solar energy
  5. Solar power plant
  6. Solar panel cleaning robot
  7. Solar Roadways
  8. River level monitoring for flash flood warning
  9. GSM based weather report
  10. IoT based solar power monitoring system
  11. Solar based railway crack detection robot
  12. Solar Piezo mobile charger
  13. Solar-powered irrigation system
  14. Automated solar grass cutter
  15. Solar panel belt conveyor
  16. Wind turbine with inverter
  17. Solar-power measuring system
  18. UPS solar project
  19. Charging handbag using solar panel
  20. LED road using Solar
  21. Solar grid system
  22. Solar-powered RC aircraft
  23. Smart solar oven

We offer a number of innovative solar projects to help you learn wonders about solar energy and how to use it with the other applications like embedded systems, Internet of Things and Robotics. Solar energy is the form of renewable and non-conventional energy that is newly discovered but most of the large companies and households are employing it. However, this can also be utilised at a low level. Many people are coming in contact with the advantages of the same and universities and institutes have started adding the same into their curriculum.

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Free solar based simple project ideas
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