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“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.”

                    — Henry Ward Beecher

As Beecher rightly said, the sun is one of the most quintessential elements for us to survive. Right from the little sprout that begins to germinate wide into the world to destroy several ships for the victory by Archimedes' Death Ray, Sunlight is the only cause. While the sun baking our planet along with baking us in recent years, we could really perceive this abundant resource as our benefit to run our livelihood. Doesn't it sound like Taylor Swift style? - Turning the negatives into a big hit! (Sorry, Can't ignore the reference coz of being a Swiftie! Swift stans never unstan :-D) Alright, coming back to the ball of fire. Sun is the endless source of energy we have right now that radiates over the earth every single day. The energy accumulated from this bright heat lamp in the sky called solar energy which can help humanity to lead the basic life and to reach new goals. Solar power is becoming more popular and a reliable renewable resource to the humankind. Just spare a few minutes to read the article to get more insights on solar power and the related solar projects that you could do by yourself.

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1. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

2. Automatic Solar Tracker

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Advantages of Solar Power:

It is not an understatement that solar power has more advantages. To evident this fact, let me provide you some of the advantages of using solar power. In no particular order, will give you the merits as my mind pumps in the information randomly.

  • Renewable: The continuous flow of solar energy from the sun can be transformed into electricity. This transformation is done by solar panels.
  • Limitless: The energy that we get from the sun is limitless and more than the needs of this whole world. Unlike fossil fuels, which run out very soon, the solar energy won't get ceased any time soon.
  • Clean Source: When the solar panels convert the energy into electricity, no harmful gases like CO₂, CO are emitted. As solar power is endless to us, the swift move to the usage of solar power would be the right choice to produce a very clean energy production and thereby avoiding pollution.
  • Scalable: It can be used to power the whole household and even can be deployed on an industrial level. When the energy consumption is less, it can be even stored in a battery or return it to the electricity grid.
  • No Fuel Burn: When comparing to other forms of power generation, the operational costs are very less after the installation of the solar panels. It requires no fuel to run and which means solar power does not cause any disruption in creating electricity without the securing of fuel supply.
  • Cost-Effective: Nothing offensive to those who still believe that solar power is very much expensive. But it was true a very decades ago. During the 1970s the cost of solar panels was 100% high than today. Also, it is more obvious that cost will still get down when everyone gets to use it on a daily basis.
  • Independent Energy: As the ball of the fire remains unchanged and untouched, no humans can go to space and buy the sun to monopolizes it. It's free for everyone who is living under the sun. The solar panels on every rooftop would be a great scenario to receive the independent energy that is all ours.
  • Reliability: As we know the sun rises and sets everyday for over billions of years on earth. This makes solar energy more reliable than any other source. Also, the climatic changes could also be found out beforehand to use solar power as an uninterruptible one.

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Can you build your own solar panel?

Of course, yes! It is very much possible for anyone to build their own solar-powered panel system. It is cost-effective too when installing it by yourself rather than it is done by any professional solar panel installers. Regardless of who installed the solar panels, it should secure a government certified Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate by an engineer who is accredited by MCS. There are some companies out there that send you the solar panel DIY kits and the necessary hardware to build it. We, at Skyfi Labs ship you the necessary kit to your doorstep. Check out our DIY solar projects here.

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Benefits of DIY Projects:

DIY projects have its place even for a person like me who struggles to be so dexter in building anything new [Except the typing ofcourse ;-)]. But the DIY projects are so cool and have many positive impacts while doing it. Here are some of the benefits of doing a DIY project:

  1. Learning New Things is Fun: When you try new things in life and also succeed in it, you would be in a euphoric state. Completing any DIY project on your own gives you the best satisfaction in this world. Trust me, it helps a lot to even gain your confidence back and stay steady in all the crises that you experience.
  2. Benefit for Brain: When you brainstorm to start any DIY project, you would definitely visualize the process and the outcome at the end. Thoughts on - what are steps to be followed? and what resources could be useful to build it? and eventually what type of skills you would get at the end of the project? - quintessential questions on planning the project would make you set goals for the right shopping of materials and building it. If all the knowledge you gained from the DIY project can be put together and reused, the process is called cumulative learning which makes you a smart person.
  3. Improves Social Life: Maybe you would feel like a bit offbeat from the benefit parts. But when you start to explore the depth of your project, you tend to come in contact with the various resource people and get a chance to meet new people in your life. This could make your social life better.
  4. Cost-Effective: With the DIY project, you could cut the labor cost and spend more on the material expenses. Purchasing the right materials is the only part you should focus on and the errors in purchasing the materials would definitely become the budget breaker. So, you have to maintain the diligence in choosing the materials and shop wisely.

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List of Some of the Best DIY Solar Projects

1. Solar & Smart Energy Systems


The inclusion of solar power in the daily life system we come across or the technology we use would solely become the means of our future. In this DIY solar project, you will learn to build two energy-efficient systems. One is to develop solar panels with a solar battery charger. The other is to build a prototype of a smart traffic control system which automatically operates according to the intensity of vehicles on the road.

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2. Automatic Solar Tracker


Automation makes our lives easier. So, here is another automatic system that you can build on your own. This DIY solar project leads you to learn how to build a solar tracker that could automatically sense the place of high intensity of solar power generation. The processing unit used in this project will be the Arduino development board.

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3. Solar Panel Belt Conveyor

4. Solar powered Irrigation System

5. Solar-Piezo Mobile Charger

6. Real time clock Solar Tracking system Using PIC16F877A

7. Solar Powered Go Kart

8. Solar Backpack

9. Solar Mobile Phone charger

10. Hybrid Solar Energy

11. Solar Roadways

12. Smart street lighting system using renewable energy sources

As solar power is accessible, plentiful and the only power source with the least expense, it will be the sole driving source of all systems in the near future. With the expertise at Skyfi Labs and with the best DIY solar projects, you could carve your skillset in various ways as well as move on with the pace of the world in regard to the shift in the different energy consumption. Do leave a comment if you have any queries regarding the projects or even about the solar energy in general.

Best DIY solar projects
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Best DIY solar projects

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