Solar Mobile Phone charger

Our life becomes very easy with the coming of new technologies like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Mobile phones are very essential for our daily life and is a basic requirement for everyone. One of the essential features that we want to give our smartphone is a good charging. Charging may become a problem for us while traveling to a place. For this purpose, the Solar cell phone charger can be used. Our main aim will be in this project is to charge our mobile phone with the help of a solar charger. The solar mobile charger project will require some wiring for the solar panel. We also need a switch and a booster model and connect them. We need to connect our mobile USB pin 2 power cables. Our phone will get it's charging when it will get proper radiation.

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Project description

This solar mobile project will work with the help of solar panels and convert solar energy into electrical energy. Following are the components required to build this project:

Solar panel – The power requirement will be 5.5 volts and 245 microamperes. We have to select a solar panel from polycrystalline, amorphous and monocrystalline. Here, we will use monocrystalline because it is the most common. Its work is to provide power and we will use three solar panels.

Switch- switch is used for completing the circuit. The switch will connect the three solar panels when we make a boost converter model and connect them in parallel.

5-volt boost converter module- We will require a booster model due to regulating the voltage of the project. It will directly e boost the voltage all the time 25 volt.

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Masking tapes and wires- We require a 5 volt and 1 Ampere for efficiency. We will use three 5.5 volts 245-microampere solar panel. We require some tapes and wires for connecting them. Other things of the project will depend on solar radiation.

Project implementation

  • We will use an Ampere app for getting the knowledge of performance and current.
  • It will help us to know the current requirement.
  • We will connect the phone to our solar charger that we made.
  • It will show some current that will be required for charging the phone.


One of the worst applications of this project is that it will be an environmentally friendly project and require low maintenance. It will provide you with better efficiency by comparing two photovoltaic systems. You can easily recharge AA batteries. Some of the advantages of this project are that it will use low input voltage and generate good output which will be useful in charging. Users can use it at any place so it will also provide convenience. It will also save your electricity and very useful for travelers in the areas where they do not get electricity. The project will also help reduce pollution.

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Solar Mobile Phone charger
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-04-19

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