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7 Benefits of teaching STEM for Kids using Drones

Exposing STEM for kids at an early age helps them build a strong foundation to become successful innovators of tomorrow. STEM plays a major role in our day to day life. But kids of these days are not showing much interest in STEM education because of various reasons. But as a parent or teacher, it is our duty to introduce STEM for kids in a way that they can understand the concepts easily. Drones are one such innovative tool that can be used to teach STEM for kids practically.

This article briefs about the benefits of teaching STEM for kids using drones, STEM drones for kids, and finally some drone education programs for kids. 

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How drones teach STEM for kids?

Before getting started let’s understand some basics, What is a Drone?

Drones are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that can be controlled using a ground control system or Transmitter remotely by the pilot. There are different types of drones available out there but Quadcopter is the one that is widely used. Drones are used for a variety of purposes - Surveillance, Delivery, Inspection, Mapping, Photography, and many more. 

As you can see drones are used to perform various tasks it also helps kids to acquire knowledge of various technologies. Kids are naturally excited and curious to perform experiments, drones offer them a chance to learn and solve problems with a hands-on drone STEM activity. Also, drones involve multiple technologies like electronics, robotics, aerodynamics, and many more. Thus almost all the STEM principles can be applied with drones. 

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7 benefits of teaching STEM for Kids using Drones

This part of the article covers the benefits of using drones in schools to introduce STEM for kids. By using drones in education you can make kids play and learn along with fun by flying drones instead of wasting time playing games. 

1. Explains Science and Math concepts practically - When kids fly a drone they understand how a drone moves forward, backward, and rotates in space this helps kids to visualize the theoretical concepts like the generation of lift, torque, etc in action. With the help of drones, teachers can even make math a favorite subject for kids. For instance, students can create graphs, for distance and flight time and later use the created graph to plan various missions. 

2. Promotes Creativity - By assigning some drone projects for students such as creating a map of a locality or taking aerial photographs of the school or home, kids will get a chance to show their creative skills. Also, drones are easily customizable thus kids can do whatever they want as drones provide full freedom to kid’s creativity. 

3. Hands-on experience - Drones involve various hardware components thus kids get a chance to make their hands dirty by putting the components together. Drones make kids engage in processes like manufacturing, designing, and piloting thus provides them with a hands-on learning experience. 

4. Introduces programming practically - With the coming of innovative STEM drone kits Kids can easily master the programming language. Unlike creating animations and mobile applications drones help kids to visualize their code in action. After mastering the flying techniques, kids can program the drone to perform complex acrobatic stunts or they can also create an obstacle course and program the drone to accomplish it. This way kids can improve their programming skills. 

5. Enhances problem-solving skills - While flying drones the flyer needs to have an understanding of the surrounding environment and atmospheric conditions to proceed with the proper flight. Even the drones are equipped with stabilizers. Kids need to provide constant input to fly the drone. Also, kids will have questions raising in their mind like do I need to move right or left, Can I do a barrel roll or spin, etc. while flying the drone. These are the things that enhance problem-solving skills in children. 

6. Promotes physical activity and social relationship - Drones require a free open space to test and fly thus it makes kids drop their game controller and grab remote control of the drone. To fly a drone, a kid needs to have a good understanding of the orientation of drones and the distance between them. When kids try to master the flying of drones they gain good hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Also when kids come outside and start interacting with new faces they develop good social skills and it also makes them feel good. 

7. Understanding of electronics and sensors - Drones are equipped with various electronics and sensors to achieve a stable flight. Kids will understand the working of sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, etc by conducting practical experiments. They also will get a chance to explore more about electronics used in drones like motors, ESC, battery, flight controller, etc. 

These were some benefits of using drones to teach STEM subjects. Schools and STEM educators across the globe started implementing drone curriculum to teach STEM and coding for kids practically. If you are a parent willing to introduce drone technology for your kid read on further to explore drone classes for kids. 

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STEM-based drones classes for kids

We at Skyfi Labs designed drone classes for kids with a proper drone curriculum. All these drone classes engage kids with hands-on activities and as part of the class, Kids will learn various flight modes and program the drone to perform various stunts. They will also conduct experiments like phone clone, reactive drone, chuck to fly, open sesame, etc using the drone. Below is the list of drone classes for kids based on the age group:

  1. Drone class for elementary school kids
  2. Drone class for middle school students
  3. Drone class for high school students and teens

I hope now you have an understanding of how drones support STEM education. With the help of drones, kids will learn the STEM concepts without even realizing it. Thus Drones are amazingly fun! And educational at the same time. 

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7 Benefits of teaching STEM for Kids using Drones
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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