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5 Innovative Methods to Introduce Programming for Kids

Every parent wishes for the bright future of their kid. The kids of this generation are hooked up to technology. Technology can help kids in both negative and positive ways. The addiction to digital devices is what every parent wants to prevent. Getting new hobbies to interest the kids proves best. 

Singing, dancing, gardening, painting, etc are some very common things a kid learns in his early childhood. But what interests them more is the creative digital applications and games. Instead of preventing the kids from using the games and applications, why not teach programming for kids to develop these?

With the advancement of technology, competition is also rising day by day. So, to keep pace with the world, it is important to start the right things at the earliest. Coding is one such thing which is on the boom. The demand for good coders is increasing continuously. It is not necessary that kids have to make a career in the IT world. Teaching coding for kids at an early stage will also help them in various other fields.

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Why should I teach programming to my kid?

Expanding the mind is important at every stage of life. But at the early stage of life, expanding and growing the mind becomes primary. The way you shape your mind at the early stages largely reflects on your life later. And so, kids need to explore new horizons, brainstorm on things and be able to think and speculate. Coding is therefore one of the best practices to introduce to kids in the early stages of life. Some benefits of teaching programming for kids are mentioned below:

  • Basic programming allows kids to think logically. Thus the IQ develops which is helpful for the future.
  • Programming emphasizes problem-solving. This makes the kids patient, allows them to brainstorm, and makes them more confident with time. 
  • When kids are aware of the technology around them, they are more likely to think and innovate. This is an implication of a brighter future.
  • The future of the IT world is bright. Introducing programming to kids will help them analyze their interests. This would save a lot of their future time.
  • Programming makes the kids more focused. Therefore, they stand apart from other kids of their age. Being able to do some productive and interesting things, implants a lot of confidence in them.

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Best programming languages for kids to learn

There are a variety of languages when it comes to programming. But do you know that some languages are specially designed for kids? They are easy for kids to learn and attractive to hook them up. These languages allow kids to make websites, develop games, design applications, and much more! Apart from all these applications, they are also simple to learn. 

Here are some of the best programming languages for kids:

  1. Scratch: To attract kids to programming, visuals work the best. Scratch programming for kids is a visual programming language. It was developed in 2007 by MIT. Kids of age groups 6 and above can code on Scratch. It allows us to develop everything from animations to games. Above all, it is free and easy to use on all kinds of operating systems.
  2. Alice: Alice is a block-based 3D programming language. It is a powerful tool to attract kids to programming. Here, they can develop various animations and increase social interactions. It is specially designed to interest the kids and is super easy to execute codes.
  3. HTML and CSS: HTML and CSS allow us to develop the front-end of a website. They are not difficult to learn. Additionally, they introduce the kids to basic programming syntax. This makes the kids ready to learn complex programming languages in the future. There is a lot to explore when it comes to websites. So this opens a wide spectrum for the students to imagine and apply.
  4. LEGO Mindstorms: This is the best and easiest robot-building program for kids. LEGO kids are famous for block building. LEGO robotics kits are also marvelous. They come with sensors, motors, and a command box that has pre-supplied programming languages. Robots always interest kids. Letting the kids program their robots is the best way to expand their minds. 
  5. Ruby: Ruby is a programming language with a very simple syntax. It lets you code basic programs in a very easy way. Thus, it helps kids to develop their logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. 
  6. Python: Python programming for kids is one of the easiest ways to teach text-based coding for kids as Python is easy to read high-level programming language that is widely used for various purposes learning this will help kids in many ways. 

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5 innovative methods to introduce programming for kids

Programming is a new horizon for the kids. As a result, it may be a little challenging to introduce programming for kids. It is also important to introduce programming to kids correctly. Teaching the way it interests them more is what matters. Here are 5 proved and tested ways to get your kids into coding:

  1. Know what interests your child: Every child has different interests when it comes to technology. Therefore you need to understand the interests of your child. Some kids like games, others like animations, some like attractive websites, or some just like to solve puzzles. Therefore, the first step is to get aware of what interests your kid.
  2. Serve them with what they like: The field of programming is an ocean to explore. When the child is beginning to code, it is important to first develop their interest. Therefore, teach them what they love to do. If a child likes playing games, make him familiar with game development. If he likes solving puzzles, teach him basic problem-solving using programming languages. Simply, teach them the things they like the most.
  3. Go for easy programming languages: Prefer easy and attractive ways to teach kids programming. The languages mentioned above are the best to interest the kids and make them enjoy their programming experience.
  4. Get their peers into programming: When kids do things together, it becomes fun for them. Therefore, get all their friends into coding. They may share their ideas, projects, and compete and learn.
  5. Keep introducing something new: Kids get bored of things fast. Keep introducing them to new tools, projects, and methods to keep them engaged.

Apart from the above suggestions, you can also introduce programming for kids with the help of after school coding classes or online coding classes We at Skyfi Labs teach coding for kids in live 1-1 classes practically using robotics, game development, app development, etc.

1. Coding classes for kids to teach programming

In coding classes, your kid will be directly introduced to the coding with the help of block-based scratch programming. Kids will learn programming concepts practically by developing games and interactive applications. 

What kids will learn in coding classes?

Your kid will learn to develop greeting cards, fight animation sequences, dance party with the help of scratch coding. Also, your kid will develop games like Monster-killer, ping pong game, flappy bird, treasure hunter, etc. 

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2. Robotics classes for kids to teach programming

In Robotics classes, your kid will learn coding practically by building robots and various robotics-related projects. Since kids are working with real-time hardware components they will not get bored easily and this enables them to visualize their code in real-time.

What kids will learn in robotics classes?

As part of this robotics class, your kid will develop various robots like - Obstacle avoiding robot, line following robot, gesture-controlled robot, Radio controlled robot, Mobile controlled robot, etc. Other than robot kids also develop some mini projects like smart alarm, smart plant watering system, burglar alarm, saltwater circuit, and many more. 

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3. Drones classes for kids to teach programming

Drones are always one of the best STEM toys for kids as it helps them to learn STEM concepts along with fun. In this drone class, your kid will learn coding as well as other STEM topics practically with the help of a drone.

What kids will learn in Drone classes?

As part of this drone class, your kid will learn to program the drone and perform various experiments like chuck to fly, reactive drone, phone clone, spirit level, and many more. At the end of the class, your kid will also learn to fly the drone. 

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In this tech-driven world, coding became an integral part of all the fields from a simple watch to a complex computer, coding is used. Thus use any of the above-mentioned methods to introduce programming for kids and make their future better. 

5 Innovative Methods to Introduce Programming for Kids
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-09

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