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8 Easiest Programming Languages to teach Kids coding

Programming is a vital skill that children as young as six can pick up through practice. It will become a critical and integral skillset that will help children differentiate themselves from competitors. We already see how much of an influence science and technology have on our lives. Almost everywhere we look, we can see a digital device that works due to programming. Children sometimes have a hard time understanding the technology they see around them because they cannot see how it works. However, by taking time off to learn to code, you will be able to help your children understand the world around them a lot better. 

However, the problem here is that there are so many programming languages out there that make it confusing to choose which one to teach kids. So what the best kids coding languages, and which should they focus on to make learning how to code exciting and fun? Here's a little something to help you out. In this article, we will look at the best programming languages for kids so that you can choose the best one to teach coding for your child!

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Why do kids need to learn to code?

  1. Helps them think logically
  2. Encourages them to be creative
  3. Builds their reasoning and analytical skills
  4. Helps improve their social skills and teamwork
  5. Acts as a secondary language, making them better at communication
  6. Encourages them to take up STEM in the future
  7. Makes them better prepared for the future
  8. Gives them a competitive advantage
  9. Inspires a passion for science

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8 Easiest programming languages to teach kids coding

Below are some easiest educational programming languages that you can use to introduce coding for kids

1. Scratch

Scratch is often regarded as one of the best programming languages for kids because it is highly interactive. If you have a room full of young children who love animations, this is the platform for you. It can effectively teach block coding for kids while making the lessons interactive and informative. Since it is built centering kids, all the resources associated with it are fun and exciting. Furthermore, while the scratch programming language is straightforward, it has enough functionalities that allow for growth and exploration.

2. Blockly

As the name suggests, Blockly is a great way to teach block coding for kids. This visual block coding language for kids is Google's competitor to Scratch. It makes use of building blocks to teach children simple concepts in programming. Furthermore, the language works the way a client-side JavaScript library does, through its visual block editors. Also, children can use this tool to access Lua, Dark, PHP, and Python. The UI is also very child-friendly, making it a great coding language for kids. Since it can be used to create apps, children can build workable projects using this language, helping generate interest.

3. Lua (Roblox)

Lua is a scripting language that works as a great kids' coding language if they like text-based coding. It serves as a great transition from block coding for kids to actual text coding. Being quite easy to learn and use, Lua can embed itself into applications with ease. It is elegant, powerful, child-friendly, and portable, making it perfect for introducing simple concepts to children. Also, since it handles memory management and other complicated tasks, children can focus on just the coding. Similar to Python in many ways, Lua has a simple syntax that is self-explanatory. Since it is popularly used in game development, children can gravitate towards this naturally.

4. Python

Python is often regarded as one of the more natural languages to learn because it resembles normal speech. Therefore, it is looked at as the best programming language for kids. Furthermore, Python is a compelling language that has a lot of scope and functionality. Out of the various kids' coding languages, Python is one that has extensive application and use. As coding opens children up to a lot of new concepts, picking up language that resembles talking makes the process easier. With Python, children can focus more on the logic, as the syntax is easy enough to grasp. As there are fewer obstacles regarding syntax, children get to spend more time focusing on logical thinking. The community supporting Python is also very active and helpful, giving children access to vast libraries of reusable code.

5. Java

Though Java is a bit more complicated than the other kids' coding languages we have explored thus far, it is handy. Also, if children start with Java early on, learning different programming languages later becomes a lot easier. Therefore, several experts suggest parents and teachers start their children's coding journey with Java. This object-oriented programming language is used extensively within the industry. Also, Java is a language they can put to use immediately by building apps and websites. Since the language has been around for almost two decades, it has a lot of dedicated resources. Whether it is a toolkit or an online tutorial, you will find a lot of help available online. 

6. C++

C++ looks similar to Java but offers less functionality. Experts have differing opinions on whether C++ is the best programming language for kids because it resembles Math. For children who have a fear of STEM subjects, this can be a scary proposition. However, once you get the hang of the language, C++ is a great platform to launch coding from effectively. It opens several doors, giving students the freedom to go on their path. 

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7. Ruby

Like Python, Ruby is a kids' coding language that has a very readable syntax. Therefore, children can spend more time analyzing the logic behind the program, rather than writing it. Similarly, teachers also get more time to explain the logical flowchart, instead of explaining the punctuation marks in the syntax. Another great thing about Ruby is that it is very self-explanatory, encouraging independent thinking. Interestingly, the language came to be as a way to create a social platform Twitter. It is very robust and flexible, making it a tool used to build popular platforms.

8. Perl

Perl was one of the most useful and instrumental languages while building the World Wide Web. While the syntax can be quite harrowing, it offers quite a bit of functionality. Though it gave way to other programming languages later on, such as PHP and JavaScript, it is still highly useful. However, it will be best to leave this for more experienced and older coders who love Linux. Since it is more procedural than Object-oriented as it is an interpreted language, it might take more time and effort to master. However, once children do get the hang of it, they will become ready for more advanced coding and programming.

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How do I teach my child to code at home? 

With the advancement in technology, you no longer need to take your kid to afterschool coding classes you can enroll your child on online coding classes where he/she can learn coding safely from home itself. 

Coding Starter class for Children Above 8

Here's a great way to get your child interested in coding at a young age, from your home's comforts. In this online block coding for kids course, young children will be introduced to logical thinking and programming. They will work with fun, interactive tools like Scratch programming, which help them visualize what they are doing. This, in turn, makes every project a lot more fun and exciting. In this starter course, children will work on basics, such as analytical thinking, scratch programming, painting, and creating animations.

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Coding Explorer class for Children Above 11

If you feel your children have a penchant for coding and programming, this is the course to help them further. From your living room, watch as your children take on better projects and accumulate more knowledge. They can start this Explorer course if they have some fundamental or basic understanding of coding. We make sure to include the scratch programming for kids so that they find the class interesting and not too tricky. Through this course, children will build their apps and games, including Flappy Bird, Ping Pong, and Treasure Hunt.

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Coding Champion for Children Above 14

Prepare your child for a career in coding and programming by helping them undertake this Champions course. Our Champions course is built for children who already have an understanding of how programming works. They will put to use the knowledge they have collected throughout the lessons to work on more advanced and real-world applications. In this course, we teach our students using the MIT Inventor App to build useful applications. Some of the projects they will work on include Video Player, GPS app, and Messenger app.

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It is evident that as the years move on, coding will become more and more integral to getting a good job. The best thing parents and teachers can do for their kids is ensuring that the children have a fighting chance. Knowing how to code will give children a massive competitive advantage when they start in college, and even if they don't go down the STEM root, the skills they have picked up will help them a lot. Make sure your child gets to enjoy this advantage by enrolling them in our Coding classes and make the most of your free time!

8 Easiest Programming Languages to teach Kids coding
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-09

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