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Drones for kids - The ultimate guide for parents

Drones are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is an aircraft that can be operated with the help of a remote controller wirelessly. Since kids are always attracted to flying toys drones became one of their favourites.

Drones are not only for fun, but a kid can also learn various STEM concepts by handling a drone. If you are a parent of a kid and your kid is demanding to own a drone but you are worried about the safety to provide this delicate machine into your kid’s hands?

Worry not!

This article gives proper guidance about drones for kids by covering topics such as why drones are the best STEM toy for kids, Best drone for STEM education and finally some online Drone classes/summer camps for kids.

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6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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Why drones are the best STEM toy for kids?

Drones are one of the advanced pieces of technology that is used for various applications from taking photographs to attacking terrorists.  Since the drone is advanced machinery it combines multidisciplinary concepts like mechanical, electronics, aerodynamics, coding, etc.

So when a kid gets a chance to play with a drone he/she learns STEM concepts practically along with fun.

For instance, while flying a drone outdoors if it drifts away due to wind the kid will try to give some inputs to make the drone fly stable. This makes the kid understand the aerodynamics of the drone to control it properly. Also flying a drone needs more focus this improves the kid’s cognitive skills and decision-making under stress.

Nowadays STEM Drones gives an opportunity for kids to explore coding as well where he/she can program the drone to execute certain tasks.

Definitely while playing with drones kids end up in crashing or breaking the drone. So they will try to troubleshoot or build the drone again this actually improves their problem-solving skills.

In a nutshell, kids learn more STEM concepts practically with the help of drones than they learn from books or taught by teachers in schools.

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Best drones for STEM education

Best drones for STEM education

As I previously mentioned drones are complex machines and it is quite difficult for kids to handle. But the advancement in technology paved the way for the development of simplified drones that can be controlled even by kids.

A big thanks to the drone companies and engineers who developed this safe and exciting technology for kids.

Following are some STEM drones for kids that helps them to learn the STEM concepts with fun.

  1. Pluto X
  2. Altair AA108
  3. Holy Stone HS170
  4. Syma X5C
  5. DJI Tello
  6. Parrot Mambo

All the above-mentioned drones are harmless and safe for kids, also these drones make the learning fun and stimulating. These drones can be programmed using the kid’s friendly visual block programming such as Blockly, Scratch, etc. This STEM drone kit provides an opportunity to learn drone building for kids as well.

I think now you got an understanding about drones for kids but kids don’t have the maturity to learn by themselves, initially, they require some guidance in learning. The next section gives some good online drone classes for kids to provide them with the initial guidance about drones.

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Best online drone classes for kids

Kids will get bored easily so to keep them engaged while learning the class should be interactive and make kids do more practical. Skyfi Labs is one such online platform that provides online drone summer camps and drone classes for kids through one-on-one live sessions with experts who are passionate about teaching kids.

Following are the drone classes for kids that are available for various age groups:

  1. Drones starter online class for kids
  2. Drones explorer online class for kids
  3. Drones champion online class for kids

What they will learn from these drone programs?

As part of this online drone class, your kid will be introduced to the basics of aerodynamics, physics, science and several other STEM concepts. They will get a chance to build a drone by understanding the concepts behind it. Also, they will learn to program the drone using scratch based block programming, C++ and conduct some practical experiments with the drone such as chuck to fly, reactive drone, open sesame, phone clone, etc.

Along with this, they will understand the real-time purpose of various sensors used in drones such as accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, gyroscope, etc.

By attending these programs your kid will get an exposure to the drone technology that helps him/her to troubleshoot and operate the drone safely. Since the application of drones is expanding rapidly learning about drones at an early age secures a better future for kids.

As everything is covered from basics kids without any prior knowledge of coding can also join in these online drone classes.

The advantage of this online class is that the required kit will be shipped to your doorstep. Then, your kid can start learning safely right from your home itself with more comfort. You can also schedule the classes based on your requirements.

If you are confused in selecting the proper course for your kid, book a free trial where our expert will come online and interact with your kid then suggest the best drone program for your kid based on the interaction.

I hope now you have changed your mindset about drones for kids. Never stop your kids from exploring new technologies always provide your kids with the best there is.

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Drones for kids - The ultimate guide for parents
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-08

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