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7 Advantages of Teaching Scratch Coding for Kids

Whether we appreciate it or not, our world is digital now. Therefore, having the right skills to navigate through such an interconnected world is integral to surviving. Since the world has gone digital, it is becoming more difficult to engage our children in activities that do not include gadgets. However, one thing that parents and teachers often forget is that children need to know how these work to survive in the future that is to come. Therefore, rather than keeping modern technologies away, we need to utilize them and train the younger generation. Scratch coding for kids is a great place to start!

If your child loves games, apps, and animations, then scratch coding might be perfect for them. Scratch for kids is a learning experience that is fun and exciting. Therefore, this helps them get over their fear of science, and instead, embrace it fully. You can show your child the useful side of technology through such courses, and make STEM more interesting for your children. So, let us take a look at the advantages of teaching coding for kids!

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8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

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What is scratch coding?

Most traditional programming languages tend to be complicated and text-based. But not Scratch; which is a programming language built for kids. Developed by the MIT Media Lab in 2007, it is a programming environment that helps introduce the basics of coding to kids. It works as a free-ware block-based programming tool for children. Since it utilizes a visual approach, it makes coding a lot easier and simpler to understand. The best thing about it is the simplicity that it adds to learning by removing all the complicated elements of programming. No longer do children have to worry about a forgotten semicolon or misplaced bracket. It works as a perfect practice tool to help build their analytical and logical reasoning skills. 

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7 advantages of teaching scratch coding for kids

1. Scratch is fun and creative

Scratch for kids allows children to think outside the box and fully express themselves. Furthermore, the projects they develop are fun and exciting, making learning something enjoyable.

2. It builds logic and analytical skills 

One of the best things about scratch coding for kids is that it helps them develop their logical thinking. By solving various issues they come face to face with, kids learn problem-solving methodologies naturally.

3. Scratch is visually appealing 

Getting your kid interested in programming isn't an issue with Scratch, as it is incredibly pleasing to look at. It allows children to visualize their coding, making the entire process more enjoyable and memorable.

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4. Easy to grasp 

One of the biggest challenges of coding is that it requires a lot of resources to grasp and understand fully. However, that isn't the case with scratch coding for kids. Since the language was built for kids, it is easy to understand. Children do not need complicated books, guides, and tutorials to understand how the language works.

5. Highly accessible 

Almost anyone can use Scratch because all it takes is an internet connection. Therefore, by turning to Scratch for kids, you can give your child a great education in coding from your home's comforts.

6. Great hardware extensions 

If your child likes to get his or her hands dirty and invest time and energy in practical things, then Scratch is perfect. Several companies create hardware sets that integrate with Scratch to create cool projects. For instance, Microbit and Makey-Makey allow children to design and create their game controllers. 

7. Serves as an introduction to programming

By engaging with Scratch, kids get a taste of what programming is like. From there, they can develop their skills and branch out into various niches as per their interests. We often see children who find a passion for programming through time spent on Scratch. They later go on to get degrees in computer engineering and actually master various other languages. Therefore, in every way, Scratch for kids is a great launchpad for young minds.

Other benefits of learning Scratch include;

  1. Helps children become fluent with technologies
  2. Boost the urge to implement ideas
  3. Serves as the best combination of fun and beneficial
  4. Developing skills in project management 
  5. Improve social skills

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How to teach Scratch programming for kids?

You can introduce scratch programming for kids by enrolling them in some online classes For instance we at Skyfi Labs teach coding for kids practically with the help of robotics, drones, and by developing games and animations. 

1. Coding Starter Class

Here's a great way to get your child interested in scratch coding at a young age, from your home's comforts. In this online scratch coding course, children will have their first shot at logical and analytical thinking via scratch programming. As they will work with visual aids and block programming methods, the entire exercise will be very fun for kids. The children will learn the basics regarding scratch programming and how to bring paintings and animations to life.

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2. Coding Explorer Class

Once your child has a basic understanding of coding, this Explorer class will get them to take their interest further. Through this scratch coding course, children will take on more practical projects and gain hands-on experience. Children will learn to build interactive games like Ping Pong and understand more involved concepts of programming.

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3. Coding Champion Class

Prepare your child for a career in scratch coding and programming by enrolling them in our Champions course. This Scratch for kids course will help them accumulate even more knowledge and put it to good use by working on a myriad of projects. By the end of the lesson, they will learn to build video players, messenger Apps, and GPS software.

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4. Robotics Starter program 

This is a great introductory lesson for children interested in automation. It goes through the basics of robotics and ensures that children retain their interest in the field while gaining more knowledge. The course mainly focuses on teaching children about basic mechanics, chemistry and electronics, by building small circuits.

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5. Robotics Explorer program

The Robotics Explorer program suits children who have an inkling for science and want to understand more complex concepts. It picks up where the former course left off and helps children gain a more practical approach to technology. By the end of this course, children would know about building line-following robots, and even the basics of scratch programming. 

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6. Robotics Champion program 

The advanced robotics training for kids that will help them prepare for a future in automation is finally here! Through this course, children will gain hands-on experience working with motors, sensors, and other electronic components. It also teaches students the coding they need to survive in the field of robotics. Eventually, children will use this knowledge to build various types of line following, gesture-controlled, and voice control robots. 

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7. Drones Starter Summer Camp 

This drone summer camp is a push in the right direction to make your child interested in science. It is suitable for children over eight with a penchant for science, and it introduces them to the basics regarding STEM. The camp also encourages curiosity, by teaching children about barometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.

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8. Drones Explorer Summer Camp 

If your child has an interest in flying or robotics, then this explorer drones camp will surely take them to the skies. Designed for children who have an interest in science, and a basic understanding of the fundamentals, this course serves as a great stepping stone for success. It introduces children to scratch coding and also helps them understand how spirit levels and color wheels work. 

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9. Drones Champion Summer Camp 

If your child wants to excel in STEM, then this is the perfect summer camp for them. Built for children above the age of fourteen, with an innate understanding of STEM, this camp helps them take their knowledge forward. It teaches them C++ programming, while also opening doors to phone cloning, and debugging of APIs.

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As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Ask your child what interests them the most, and enroll them in the appropriate course. We guarantee that nurturing such skills early on will lead to a creative and successful future for them. Let them explore their interests and grow as a result, becoming better prepared for the future and all it holds!

7 Advantages of Teaching Scratch Coding for Kids
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2024-05-15

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