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7 Stunning Benefits of Teaching Kids Robotics

Around the world, STEM has been gaining attention as the next-big-thing in the field of education. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, comprises all the subjects and technologies that push for scientific innovation. In recent years, there has been a massive push for STEM worldwide due to a rise in job opportunities in this field. However, low scores and enthusiasm amongst students are becoming a growing concern for teachers and students alike. Both groups are trying their best to find innovative ways to make young children more interested in STEM topics. Studies show that robotics is an excellent way to introduce STEM to children. So, why should we push robotics for school students, and what is the importance of robotics? Here's a look at what teachers and parents need to know about the benefits of robotics in education. 

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Before getting into the importance and benefits of robotics, let’s understand some history and basics of robotics. 

How old is robotics?

While today's advanced robots seem out of science-fiction novels, the field has been around for a while. The early roots of robotics go as long back as the 1950s. George Devol created the world's first robot, named Unimate, which had a programmable memory. However, he was unsuccessful in marketing the creation and tried in vain for over a decade. Around this time, businessman and science enthusiast Joseph Engleberger bought Unimate. He then began the mass production of such robots, earning him the nickname - Father of Modern Robotics.

The first industrial-robot came due to studies by researcher Charles Rosen at Stanford, and this kick-started their use. Since then, we have come a long way and now use advanced robotics in assistants like Siri and Alexa. The interest that large tech firms like Microsoft and Google have taken in robotics has helped make it very popular around the world. As a result, many started teaching robotics in elementary schools and began using robotics for education. 

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What is robotics for kids?

Robotics is the field of technology that concerns itself with the design, creation, and running of robots. Robots are essentially programmable machines that do tasks that humans do. For instance, robots can replace humans in assembly lines and factories. Most companies automate their shop floors by putting in place robotic systems that can do mundane jobs. Such robots never get tired, do not require leaves, and are much more efficient than human beings. Therefore, around the world, we see a rise in the usage of AI-powered robotics. 

Robotics for kids is an exciting and hands-on way to learn STEM concepts by allowing them to build robots on their own. By building robots kids will learn programming, problem-solving, decision making and many more. 

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Importance of Robotics in STEM education

Around the world, robotics programs are helping kids as young as six learn valuable STEM skills. Today's technology-focused world emphasizes automation quite a bit. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that children are prepared for what is about to come. Advancements in science and technology have made several jobs obsolete. To ensure that children have a bright future ahead of themselves, they must receive appropriate training. Courses in newer technologies like Coding, Robotics, and Semiconductors help children adapt better to the future. That is why the importance of robotics is increasing exponentially in today's world. Getting introduced to such skills early on helps make children productive members of our society. You can explore more about Benefits of Introducing Robotics in Early Education

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7 Stunning Benefits of Teaching Kids Robotics

Robotics in education as a movement is gaining momentum worldwide. Here's a look at the benefits of robotics in education to students around the globe. 

1. Encourages Creative thinking

Few fields incorporate knowledge, creativity, and self-expression the way robotics does. It allows children an opportunity to creatively and intellectually express themselves. Robotics also gives children control, encouraging them to think out-of-the-box to solve problems. 

2. Improves Engagement

In recent years, teachers are finding it more and more challenging to hold students attention. However, by incorporating robotics in education, teachers see a visible change in engagement rates. They have concluded that robotics encourages hands-on learning. This helps improve the concentration and attention levels of students, making them feel more engaged and present. 

3. Makes Them Better Prepared

The only constant thing about the future is that it is continually changing. We have already seen several job profiles become obsolete. Therefore, to better prepare our young students for the future, we need to teach them relevant skills. Most experts believe that robotics is an up-and-coming field with tremendous opportunities. By incorporating robotics in education at younger levels, we can help make our kids better prepared for future challenges.

4. Significantly Improves Programming skills

One of the most critical fields in science right now is advanced programming and artificial intelligence. These are two concepts that go hand-in-hand with robotics. Therefore, classes in robotics are a great way to introduce the basics of programming to children. Also, since robotics is very hands-on, children find programming more interesting this way. While usual programming classes are purely theoretical, robotics help kids visualize the code they write.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

As the years go by, teachers and parents are noticing that children are becoming more restless. Since robotics is challenging, it encourages children to work through their frustration and find answers. In turn, this helps them improve their skills of perseverance, making them better prepared to face problems. Determination and motivation are two skills that are essential to success. By adding robotics to the school curriculum, we can teach our children both these skills effectively.

6. Encourages Teamwork

The importance of robotics is evident in the way it helps children work together and learn together. Since it requires a variety of skills, robotics pushes children to form groups and work together. This creates a very intellectually conducive environment which helps children sharpen their social skills. Various studies show that working with robots help children with autism. Therefore, in many ways, robotics helps children to become better social beings. 

7. Makes Learning Fun

The most significant benefit of introducing robotics in education is that it makes learning a lot more fun. Children feel more motivated to study and go to school as a result of this. Therefore, in the long run, it has a very positive impact on their overall development.

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Why Teach Kids Robotics?

  1. Helps them understand coding a lot better
  2. Gives them skills that will prove useful in the future
  3. Help make the study of STEM a lot more fun and interesting
  4. Improve their collaborative and social skills
  5. Encourages them to be more inclusive and tolerant 
  6. Great way to bond with your children through a fun project
  7. Encourages and Builds Computational Thinking in Children 
  8. Helps them gain a better understanding of the world they see around them
  9. Improves Logical thinking 
  10. Helps them dream higher and reach for a career in STEM
  11. Gets rid of their fear of Math and Science
  12. Gives them a new passion for building their skills

As you can see, the importance of robotics lies in the fact that it is vital to our future. By introducing it to children at a young age, we help them adapt to the future. In case your child's school does not have a built-in robotics program, feel free to look online for alternatives. We offer several robotics courses & robotics summer camp tailor-made for children who have an interest in the field. Our courses range across several levels, ensuring that you will find something that suits your child. As parents, the best way to help our kids is to prepare them for the future, and teaching your kids robotics is the best way to do that! 

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7 Stunning Benefits of Teaching Kids Robotics
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2024-03-25

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