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7 Benefits of Teaching Programming for Children

As technology keeps progressing, knowing how to code is becoming increasingly vital. So much so that there are many benefits of coding for kids that go beyond just securing a job. Around the world, parents and teachers are starting to see coding as an alternate form of literacy. Since we live in a highly digitized world, coding has become a skill we can use daily. So, what exactly are the benefits of computer coding for kids? Why should parents and teachers try to encourage young children to pick up coding? Also, what are the ways in which parents can help their children to get better at coding? We will look at all this and a bit more with this article that emphasizes the benefits of coding for kids.

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What is coding?

Coding, also known as programming, is one of the primary ways of communicating with a machine. It is the process by which we teach devices on how to perform operations. Coding makes it possible for us to play songs, watch movies, and do complex calculations on our phones and laptops. It consists of noting down instructions that allow computers and other machines to understand our requirements. The machines then follow this specific set of guidelines to process our data and give us what we need. There are various types of programming, different platforms to do it on, and several languages to explore. So, why should we do all this? What are the benefits of programming for kids? Let us take a look at what coding for kids tries to accomplish. 

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Why should every child learn to code?

Most teachers would tell you that coding helps children take an active interest in STEM subjects. This helps them adapt better to the present-day world, and also encourages creativity. STEM, which comprises Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, accounts for many jobs on offer now. Therefore, being dept at STEM subjects can help children secure a bright future for themselves. If that wasn’t enough, coding for kids also helps children develop their creative and scientific skills. This helps them become more socially aware, analytical, and logical people. As parents or teachers, the best thing we can do for our children is to prepare them for the future. What better way to do that than teach them skills that will help them survive in the 21st Century. Since coders are in high demand, and hence knowing how to code gives children a solid competitive advantage. 

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7 benefits of teaching programming for children 

1. Coding serves as another language.

Coding is no longer a highly technical skill, but rather just another language. Learning languages helps children communicate better, and also develops their logical thinking. Languages also help in strengthening verbal and written skills in children. Teaching children to code allows them to understand the digital world they live in. It also helps them to communicate with machines through a language that relies on 1s and 0s. By looking at coding as a language, we can help children overcome their fears and better understand technology. 

2. Encourages creativity

Coding provides children a chance to innovate and experiment. Every program or problem gives them time to think and explore their options. There are no right or wrong ways to solve coding problems. Therefore, through experimentation, children learn to express their creativity. Handling the same problem in different methods shows children how important creativity is in science. This not only makes them more expressive, but it also helps them think outside the box.

3. Improves Math skills

A lot of children struggle with maths and end up becoming scared of the subject. Coding allows children to look at math as a practical problem that can be solved. By visualizing the challenge in front of them, coding helps children lose their fear of maths. It helps make the subject more fun and exciting, helping children develop their skills in it. Most of the coding is logic, which is an essential element in Maths. Therefore teaching programming for children will help them to learn and apply maths in real-world situations. 

4. Elucidate and Communicate Better

Children who code know how to think in an organized manner. Once you learn to do that, it becomes easier to express yourself and communicate better. Furthermore, such children know how to structure their thoughts and words, which leads to improved writing performance. Over time, children who code learn to write better, have clearer thoughts and elucidate better. This, in turn, helps in making them better at socializing and maintaining relations. 

5. Builds Determination and Problem-Solving Skills

Certain problems in coding require quite a bit of thought to overcome. Therefore, by working on such projects, children learn to overcome obstacles. They no longer feel like giving up, but rather learn to get up and fight back. This builds perseverance, motivation, and determination. Also, since coding encourages logical thinking, it helps children improve their problem-solving skills. They make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and then create better solutions. Once they master such an approach in coding, they can implement it in their real lives, leading to prompt decision making. 

6. Fun and Passionate

Not all children like to study. However, most times, this is because they are afraid or bored. To get over this problem, parents and teachers can incorporate fun elements into studying. Nothing can be more fun than games, and coding allows children to learn while playing games. Coding through gamification is infinitely exciting and fun, making it easier for children to stay motivated and concentrated. Furthermore, once they get started, coding can become a passion for children. This helps them have something to focus their extra time and energy on productively.

7. Prepare them for the future

The future is going to be mostly digital. Therefore, even if your child does not want to be a programmer, knowing how to code can make things easier. The other skills that children pick up while learning to code also adds a lot of value. For instance, coding encourages logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving, all of which are very important. Such life skills make them better prepared for the future, improving their job prospects.

Best way to teach coding for children 

1. Coding Starter class

This serves as a great introduction to programming for kids, helping them to learn about fundamental concepts. The online class focuses on teaching children above the age of 8 about the very basic steps in programming so that children understand how to think sequentially and logically. If your child has an inkling for video games, then this starter course will make sure they take up coding more seriously. It will go through basics such as scratch programming for kids, painting, and simple animations. 

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2. Coding Explorer class 

Perfect for children who have some fundamental knowledge in programming, the explorer course tries to take their interest further. It works well for children above the age of 11, helping them explore more concepts and broaden their knowledge. This online coding class for kids helps them look at programming as a language they can master. Children learn to code using scratch and even build apps for themselves. The various games they will try to implement include, Treasure Hunt, Flappy Bird, and Ping Pong.

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3. Coding Champion 

If your child has been able to go through the other courses, and establish a passion for coding, then this is the course to help them improve drastically. Built for children above the age of fourteen, this online coding course goes through some of the more advanced topics, helping kids understand how the technology around them works. It works based on the MIT App Invent

7 Benefits of Teaching Programming for Children
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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