Robotics for kids

Robotics for kids - The ultimate guide for parents

Robotics is gaining popularity worldwide because of its wide range of functionalities and advantages. Also, Robotics is used in multiple industries to speed up and automate the manufacturing process. This shows the importance of robotics and jobs related to robotics.

If you are reading this article then you might be a parent who wants to introduce your kid into the world of robotics.

Since the usage of robots is increasing day-by-day robotics has become a must-have skill rather than a special one. So, it is better to teach your kids robotics to make them future-ready.

This article will act as a guide for you and provides answers for queries related to robotics for kids such as why kids should learn robotics, what is the appropriate age to start robotics for kids and how to teach robotics for kids.

So let’s get started.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

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6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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Why robotics for kids?

Robotics is the best and fun way of teaching STEM concepts for kids along with hands-on practices. Usually, kids will not show much interest in learning math or science through books.

But, if you teach the same concept in a practical approach they will show more interest and learn the concepts quickly.

Following are some of the benefits of learning robotics for kids:

Learning robotics will actually improve the kid’s creativity and problem-solving skills as they try to solve problems that arise while putting robotics components together.

Programming/coding is also introduced to kids as they learn robotics. Since coding is required to make the robot function as per the requirement. This will improve the coding skills of the kids which is a major skill in this technology-driven world.

Robotics provides a chance for kids to develop something new. Kids will gain more self-confidence when they build a device from scratch and make it work. This also motivates them to do more such kind of innovations.

Nowadays schools also started teaching robotics for kids with the help of STEM robotics kits as part of their curriculum to make the learning process more efficient. This shows that robotics has become an undeniable learning tool for kids.

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What is the appropriate age to start robotics for kids?

When we hear the word robotics the first thing that strikes our mind is - a machine with glowing eyes and lots of wires that works for humans (sometimes) or attacks humans with weapons (mostly).

This is because through movies we were made to believe that robots are such kind of complex machines.

But, we are engaging with robots in our daily lives, for example - smartphone, laptop, washing machine, etc. all these devices are one type of robot.

It’s hard to believe, right?

Read the below explanation to understand what is a robot.

A robot is a machine that takes input, processes it and gives the output to perform a task automatically with minimal or no human intervention.

I think, now the above-mentioned examples make sense for you.

To prevent kids from falling into the same trap it is better to start teaching robotics for kids in young age.

Also, young kids have fresh minds which helps them to understand well and learn complex topics more quickly.

Gone are the days when kids used to cry for toys because the time has come where kids can build their own robotic toys to play with.

Some parents also have questions like, "Should we go with online robotics classes or offline robotics classes?" If you have such questions, you can read this blog post about Online vs Offline Robotics Classes for Kids - Which Are Better?

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How to teach robotics for kids?

How to teach robotics for kids?

This is an important part of the article which tells you how to teach robotics for kids. As we discussed previously kids will be more interested in a practical way of learning rather reading books.

The best way to teach robotics for kids is through practical robotics classes or robotics summer camp that provide them with a chance to learn STEM concepts and build robots together.

Skyfi Labs provide such robotics online courses for kids of different age groups. All our online classes are designed to be more practical and interactive for kids. These online robotics classes for kids uses STEM robotic kits which helps kids to learn the STEM concepts easily.

Also, all these robotics classes are conducted through online one-on-one sessions by experts that ensure 100% attention and focus on your kid. So kids can learn comfortably right from their homes.

Following are the different robotics programs offered by Skyfi Labs that teach robotics for kids:

  1. Robotics starter online class for kids (Age 8+)
  2. Robotics explorer online class for kids (Age 10+)
  3. Robotics champion online class for kids (Age 14+)

All these robotics classes cover the robotics concepts from basics so there is no requirement of prior coding experience to enrol for these robotics classes.

Robotics starter online class is the best choice for introducing your kid into the field of robotics. To ease the teaching process scratch based block programming is used to teach coding for kids which is a graphical programming language developed for kids. As part of this online robotics class, your kid will develop various hands-on projects from basic to advanced such as study lamp, saltwater circuit, smart light for drawer and finally a radio-controlled robot.

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Robotics explorer online class is for kids interested in coding. In this online robotics class, your kid will learn and build little advanced robotics projects with the help of STEM robotics kits. Your kid is also introduced to configure robotics components such as sensors, Arduino microcontroller board, motors, etc. Following are some robotics projects that your kid will develop as part of this online robotics class: Smart dustbin, railway gate, smart soap dispenser, Line follower robot and obstacle avoiding robot.

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Robotics champion online class will teach your kid robotics with Arduino IDE programming which is based on C++ programming language. Your kid will learn to build 6 different robots such as Voice-controlled robot, Bluetooth controlled robot, Gesture controlled robot, Line follower robot, etc. as part of this online class. Advanced robotics components like accelerometer sensor, IR sensor, DTMF module, Arduino board, and DC motors will be used by your kid to build the above-mentioned robots.

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If you are confused to choose the best robotics class for your kid then schedule a free trial class where our expert will come online interact with your kid then suggest the best robotics class for your kid.

It is not a surprise that nowadays robotics considered as a common skill rather than a special one. Thus enrol your kid for a robotics class to make him/her future-ready.

If you are a teenager aged 13 or older, you can read our blog post on robotics for teens to learn more about beginning your journey in this exciting field.

Robotics for kids - The ultimate guide for parents
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2024-04-28

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