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What Is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)? PLC Projects

Published on 31 Dec 2019. Written by Athulya menon

How to make a simple PLC project?


If you are thinking of using PLCs in a project or have heard the term before but isn’t sure of what they are, then you are at the right place! PLCs are being seen as the next big thing in control engineering and is viewed as a mature technology with a tremendous scope with regards to the application. While they have been around for over 50 years, advancements in the field of science have led to several improvements in their functioning and design. As with everything else in the field of consumer electronics, things are constantly changing in this sphere and hence significant improvements are being made to make such chips faster, smaller, and more cost-effective. Still unsure about what PLCs are and how they make life easier for us? Read on to find out more about PLCs, their importance, how to program them and why working on PLC projects is so important.

Discover more about PLC

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List of latest project topics on PLC

Published on 15 Dec 2019. Written by Ria Singhal

List of latest project topics on PLC


With the advent of technology and growing automation in various fields, the aim is to only make things way easy than before. Where just a click not only does quite a lot things for you but also contributes majorly in making you dependent on the gadgets,  so on the other hand, automatic machines in large factories seem to reduce your workload so effortlessly.

We see around us many machines that are fed data instructions and whose functions vary accordingly. Also, isn’t it amazing at the same time, when all the machines need is just a logic and they simply deliver the output to you? Well, surely it is, and to surprise you more, this article brings information on such a device. This article talks about PLC, a controller based on the logic that automates different functions. PLC finds a wide application in many fields where automation is required predominantly. Nowadays, many good projects based on PLC are offered to students. Provided below is the list for the same. Students willing to explore more in the field of automation can avail of this wonderful opportunity and learn many new concepts that are highly beneficial for them in the future.

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What is PLC? Mini Projects using PLC

Published on 03 Dec 2019. Written by Joanna Tresa

Good Mini Project Ideas using PLC


The concept of Programmable Logic Controllers or PLC is implemented in various manufacturing industries. The reason being, it aids in the automation of processes and tasks that could be tedious to man. Manual work has been greatly reduced in terms of difficulty in controlling heavier systems and machinery. There are a lot of ideas on making use of PLC’s in our projects based on the intended trends in the market. Before we get there, we need to learn the very basics of this concept.

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Top 3 PLC Projects for Final Year Students

Published on 25 Nov 2019. Written by Mukta Manshi

Top PLC based Final Year projects for Engineering students


This article deals with the concept of PLC Programming, the types, and advantages of PLCs, its industrial applications, and usages along with some of the top PLC-based final year projects for engineering students.

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