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With the advent of technology and growing automation in various fields, the aim is to only make things way easy than before. Where just a click not only does quite a lot things for you but also contributes majorly in making you dependent on the gadgets,  so on the other hand, automatic machines in large factories seem to reduce your workload so effortlessly.

We see around us many machines that are fed data instructions and whose functions vary accordingly. Also, isn’t it amazing at the same time, when all the machines need is just a logic and they simply deliver the output to you? Well, surely it is, and to surprise you more, this article brings information on such a device. This article talks about PLC, a controller based on the logic that automates different functions. PLC finds a wide application in many fields where automation is required predominantly. Nowadays, many good projects based on PLC are offered to students. Provided below is the list for the same. Students willing to explore more in the field of automation can avail of this wonderful opportunity and learn many new concepts that are highly beneficial for them in the future.

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1. Automation using PLC

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What is PLC?

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. As the name suggests, PLC is a controller that works based on the logic fed into it. A great device that helps in automating most of the process whether involved in huge industries or in small areas. PLC-based systems provide a lot of advantages to factories where processes like manufacturing, cutting, processing, furnishing, etc. take place. PLC based applications are responsible for the high efficiency of various automatic processes. This technology, when implemented along with Mechanical System, possesses the quality of improving and delivering productive results.

The programming instructions fed into a computer are usually written in C language or Logic ladder, another traditional programming language, and are then downloaded into the computer itself. PLC projects have opened many good opportunities for the youth today and undoubtedly it is going to receive a lot of appreciation shortly.

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What distinguishing features does PLC bring?

PLC has many advanced features for its users. Besides providing a dynamic, interactive platform to connect and communicate with browsers and databases while also being able to control the data being processed, it also allows connecting to cloud data through the use of MQTT.

Where things take time to get completed, an automatic interface, on the other hand, promotes the users to make use of it more and more. A cost-effective software that reduces complexities and permits your work to finish in no long time must surely be a part of your course learning. It also communicates with the HMI panel.

PLC can very well model the real-time world and processes the instructions depending on the input given and time limit. PLCs are mainly invented to replace the old control systems and can monitor the inputs from sensors continuously and produce suitable output decisions to operate accordingly.

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Types of PLCs

Depending upon the requirement, PLCs come in various categories. For instance, depending upon the size, PLCs are available in three categories: small-sized PLC, medium-sized PLC, and large-sized PLC. Based on the output produced, there are three categories namely, Relay output, Transistor output, and Triac output PLC.  Broadly speaking, PLCs come into two types:

  • Fixed/Compact PLC: In this kind, PLC has a fixed number of input and output modules.
  • Modular PLC: This kind of PLC allows expansion of modules. Unlike Fixed PLC, the implementation is easy.

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List of latest project topics on PLC

In this section, the article focuses on some of the best PLC based projects. Have a thorough look at all these projects, and carefully select the best one for you. Also given below is a brief explanation of a few projects which will help you understand more about the same.

1. Optimization and Automation of Water Cooling Facility Using PLC Project: In this PLC project, you will use PLC to execute automation of energy and plant security. Electromechanical relays find a great utilization within control systems and help in creating a sustainable environment. Energy conservation through automation is a great use of technology.

2. Multichannel Wireless PLC Based DC Motor Protection Project: This PLC project helps in protecting DC motor from fault. It also monitors different aspects of a motor and prevents it from getting it malfunctioned. This is an extremely outstanding project for students to work on.

3. Design and Implementation of Automatic Door using PLC: Through this course, you will learn about how to design an automatic door using PLC. A very nice example to illustrate the use of PLC, this project has a lot of things to display. Through PLC and infrared sensors that are sensitive to their surroundings, such doors can be built.

4. PLC Based Filling System: In this PLC, the ladder diagram is uploaded as data input. This PLC project requires DELTA PLC to control the operations carried throughout. You would also need a Conveyor Belt connected with DC Motor, Proximity Sensor.

You can also look at the following list of projects for ready reference:

  1. Smart Elevator Control System using PLC
  2. PLC Based Paper Cutting Machine
  3. Multi-Channel Fire Detection and Alarm System Project using PLC
  4. PLC Based Temperature Controller System
  5. PLC Based Sorting Product Machine
  6. Automatic Stamping Labelling Machine using PLC
  7. PLC Based Automatic Car Parking System Multi-Level
  8. Automatic Washing Machine Control using PLC
  9. Filter Reactor in sugar Factory using PLC
  10. PLC Based Man less Railway Gate Crossing
  11. Irrigation Controller in Agriculture using PLC
  12. Water Recycling Car Wash System using PLC
  13. PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System using Sensors

For any queries, feel free to contact us by leaving it in the comment section below. Hope this article was of some use to you.

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List of latest project topics on PLC
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List of latest project topics on PLC

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