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Good major projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students

Published on 10 Apr 2020. Written by Sanjana singh

Good major projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students


“It is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering-only expensive-blind, faint-hearted, doubting world”

                                                                                              -Nikola Tesla

Electrical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with design, development, and testing of electrical equipment, systems, and devices on both large- and small-scale systems to generate energy or process information by the application of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism.

But these applications can be by-hearted only If we do their practical practice and this can best be practiced by making projects.

So, here are some good major projects for electrical engineers, But, before that let's discuss some brief topics related to electrical engineering!

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Good Capstone Projects for Electrical (EEE) Engineering Students

Published on 25 Mar 2020. Written by Apurvi Pandey

Good capstone projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students


“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. “

Elon Musk

It is very well defined by the famous entrepreneur and a successful businessman Elon Musk that once you think of your future and decide to work in the direction of having a good career, it marks a new journey of yours. During the course, you will have to learn, get trained and execute serval task in order to become successful. A Capstone project is one such milestone in your journey. This is one small step towards your goal. The capstone project helps you to determine the depth of your knowledge and apply it in the most practical manner. Today all the Engineering colleges have one or two Capstone projects in their curriculum. In this article, some interesting capstone projects for electrical students are also discussed.

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Senior Design Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

Published on 07 Mar 2020. Written by Muskan Gupta

Good senior design projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students

Electrical engineering is concerned with power generation, transmission and storage. On the other hand, electronics engineering handles the matters which concern dealing with electrical appliances that run on electricity. Electricity is a major part of our lives and we cannot deny the fact that the educationists of the world are trying to solve as many problems as they can to improve the working of these areas.

Those working in electrical and electronics engineering, not only look for the basics of the subject to build the machines and applying them in power systems analysis but also they try on new things so that they could put innovation into use to increase the efficiency. The same sector of engineering is doing new things every day and the curriculum changes every year in schools and universities to make use of the new upcoming technologies.

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BE projects for Electrical Engineering (EEE) students

Published on 25 Jan 2020. Written by Ria Singhal

BE projects for Electrical Engineering (EEE) students


Every engineering has with it, an associated project that students have to be a part of. Well, these projects are not just meant for compulsory learning related to your subject but also shaped in a way how you can expand the knowledge of your horizon. Every engineering has its own ways of showing you how nature and technology can so beautifully be combined that can provide you with the best of the place you’re in. The impact that any engineering based application can have on our lives is quite powerful and to introduce you with such new amazing facts that you will go crazy about, here this article emphasizes on one of the hardest branch, “electrical engineering” and its mind-blowing applications. Surely, electrical engineering is considered to be the toughest of all and as well demands a great amount of hard work and to brief you, this article describes what electrical engineering involves, what are its real-life examples and some excellent BE projects. For all the electrical engineers out there, you must find yourselves relatable to this article. So, let’s get started!

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Top online courses for Electrical Engineering (EEE) Students

Published on 14 Dec 2019. Written by Mukta Manshi

Top online courses for Electrical Engineering (EEE) Students


Electrical engineering is no longer surrounded by an electrical grid. It has spread its wings among all technical courses. With the rising changes in technology and the busy schedule of man, there has been a need to get technology on the doorstep. The online course for electrical students will help engineers to explore their scope in the field of a variety of systems. The article talks about the top electrical online courses that electrical engineering students should have hands-on experience in.

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Best Electrical Project Kits for Engineering Students

Published on 27 Aug 2019. Written by Soumya Rao

Best Electrical Project Kits for Engineering Students


Electrical engineering is a field that requires extensive research work and practical knowledge along with good hands-on projects. These are the three most important requirement for having a successful career in electrical engineering. Thus, the following blog is a boon to students who show a keen interest in gaining expertise in such field and want to clarify their existing doubts related to electrical projects and good electrical kits. The article emphasizes more on electrical kits and how to know if it is a good electrical kit or not, different electrical kits available in the market. The hotspots for buying these kits and the best projects for electrical students are also mentioned.

Here are some of the best electrical project kits for engineering students

  1. Home Automation using IoT
  2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM
  3. Solar and smart energy systems
  4. Automatic solar tracker
  5. PCB Manufacturing
  6. Smart Calling bell
  7. Wireless power transmission
  8. Gas Leakage detector
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10 Best IEEE Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

Published on 10 Oct 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

Best IEEE projects list for Electrical Engineering students

"Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning"
- Winston Churchill

I found this quote to be more intriguing and resonating with the current engineering student’s mind-set. A number of engineering students are finding it extremely difficult to decide upon a good project topic to do for their curriculum.

Especially, this is very challenging for electrical engineering students as they need to come up with a project topic that should be both innovative to showcase their skillsets to recruiters as well as simple enough to learn and complete within the short period of time that they have.

Because of this, a number of EEE students go into an advance worrying mind-set which lowers their confidence and enforce themselves to go for ready-made projects that are sold on the black market.

By buying such ready-made projects, they are not only compromising their learning but also their engineering career. As you know already that the projects you build play a very vital role in getting good core engineering jobs and acquiring higher studies admissions in esteemed universities.

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Low Cost Electrical Engineering (EEE) Mini Projects with Videos

Published on 25 Feb 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

Low Cost Electrical (EEE) Mini Projects

Projecting the cost to do your mini project is not very easy. Most of the engineering students predict it wrongly and end up compromising their mini project at the very end.

This is majorly because the cost to do a mini project is not only dependant on the price of materials involved in it.

In order to calculate how much a mini project will cost to build, you need to consider a lot of parameters to predict it accurately.

So what are the factors that influences the cost of a mini project?

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5 Reasons why you should organize a faculty development program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

Published on 15 Jan 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

5 Reasons why you should organize a faculty development program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

“Efforts to develop critical thinking falter in practice because too many professors still lecture to passive audiences instead of challenging students to apply what they have learned to new questions”
-Derek Bok

With the unprecedented growth of institutions in the past 2 decades across the nation, there is a significant shortage of updated & well trained faculties.

This in turn poses a great challenge to the quality of education provided to the young and budding engineering students. Because of this, many educational institutions are finding it difficult to maintain their education standards, as providing state of the art infrastructure alone is not enough but having the right faculty is equally important.

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Electrical Projects for Engineering Students (Videos Included)

Published on 31 Jul 2017. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

Latest Electrical (EEE) Projects List for Electrical Engineering students

I have been working with a large number of colleges and students over the last 2 years to help them learn by building projects. Our team visited a number of colleges and trained more than 100,000 students all over India. Those students are now coming back to me (and my team members) and asking us for more projects to do. Here are some of the queries they have - what are the latest EEE projects to build? What are the trending technologies in electrical engineering? What are the latest technological skills that an EEE student should have to improve job prospects? etc.

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