Good major projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students


“It is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering-only expensive-blind, faint-hearted, doubting world”

                                                                                              -Nikola Tesla

Electrical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with design, development, and testing of electrical equipment, systems, and devices on both large- and small-scale systems to generate energy or process information by the application of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism.

But these applications can be by-hearted only If we do their practical practice and this can best be practiced by making projects.

So, here are some good major projects for electrical engineers, But, before that let's discuss some brief topics related to electrical engineering!

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Note about Electrical Note:

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

3. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

4. Automatic Solar Tracker

5. 5 Arduino Projects

6. 4 Smart Energy Projects

7. PCB Manufacturing

8. Smart Traffic Lighting System

9. Automation using PLC

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Is electrical engineering a good career?

There are thousands and thousands of students who are confused about which branch to pursue and the ones that have selected a branch are not sure whether they are in the right branch or not.

If you have taken electrical engineering or thinking to pursue electrical engineering this is why it is a career option?

Latest projects on Electrical

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1. Electrical engineering has got a very bright future

Electrical Engineering is the base of all the present technologies and also the base of all the technologies that are going to be made in the future.

As, the base of every software is hardware and the work of electrical engineers is the building of electrical pieces of equipment, devices, and systems.

2. Electrical engineers never go out of demand

Electrical engineering is one of the most evergreen branches and every innovation no matter how big or small it requires electrical engineers; this is the main reason electrical engineers never go out of demand.

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3. Abundant opportunities available both locally and globally

Be it locally or globally electrical engineers always have abundant opportunities available for them,

4. Super interesting to study and deal with

Electrical Engineering is one of the most interesting and innovative branches of all, as the making and studying of circuits are like solving a puzzle and treasure hunting about the stuff which can be made out of it.


Rowan Atkinson the guy who played “Mr.Bean”, has a master's degree in electrical engineering.

What are some good major projects for Electrical Engineering Students?

There are numerous projects that an electrical engineering student can do for enhancing his/her practical skills and of course for taking your cv to the next level, few of them include:

1. Home Automation Using IoT:


This is the era in which IoT applications are used in every possible way in which they can. Home automation is one of the biggest possible dreams that is connected with IoT.

I mean just imagine who doesn't want a house that could run and complete the works on its own, lights getting on and off, dishes getting washed on their own, doors getting automatically closed on just one oral command.

This possible only when one understands the working of such big models by getting involved in making a small practical model. In this major project, you will gain all the knowledge practically by developing a home automation system through which you can control the home appliances via your mobile phone.

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As part of this project, you will learn:

  • Bluetooth Communication and pairing of home devices through IoT
  • What is Arduino Architecture and Programming?
  • What are the basic IoT-Concepts and Applications?


Arduino refers to an open-source board or electronics platform and the software used to program it

2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM:


One of the widest and large-scale usages of electrical engineering is for the generation and supply of electrical energy.

If you interested to pursue a career in the fields of electrical energy generation then this is the project that can help you in updating your knowledge and skills related to energy generation.

And, if we talk about this smart energy meter then this is smart because it will help you in tracking the total amount of energy getting perfectly utilized and help in reducing useless losses by sending messages via SMS periodically.

 As part of this major project, you will learn:

  • Arduino Architecture and its Programming.
  • Electrical loads and measurements.
  • What is GSM technology, it is working and its applications.

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3. Home Automation System:


As discussed earlier Home automation is the upcoming future of the present generation, life is gonna get much easier and smarter in the future with home automation.

There are a lot of good and exciting things one can learn from such projects, few of them include:

  • Home automation system framework.
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Relay driver circuits
  • 8051 architecture and its programming.

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4. Solar and Smart Energy Systems


The solar energy obtained from the sun’s rays is a renewable source of energy and that’s the reason Solar energy and its smart energy generation are something which will never go out of trend, at least till the earth is getting sun rays in abundance.

This is one of the reasons electrical engineering is more persued and job secured as electrical energy is also used for the generation of energy in big plants and industries.

Hence, to enhance such energy generation skills and knowledge one must learn about the Solar energy and smart energy systems.

You will learn about:

  • IR sensors and their applications.
  • Solar and Smart energy system frameworks.
  • Working of the solar panels.
  • Arduino Architecture and its programming

Learn more about solar and smart energy project

5. Automatic Solar Tracker:


As discussed earlier solar energy is among the most used and most in-demand resources, and automatically solar energy tracking is an important skill to learn because not only sunlight alone matters but also obtaining it from the right direction matters to make the most out of it.

And such Electrical projects help one in gaining more and more industrial exposure and giving one an edge over others.

How will this enhance your present knowledge?

You will learn about Arduino architecture and programming, photoresistors used int eh electronic systems and working of solar powered systems

Learn more about automatic solar tracker project

Almost every student takes pieces of training but not everyone applies it practically by doing a project, that’s why you should do the projects as it will let you stand apart from the crowd.

As someone said rightly,

“It’s easy to stand with the crowd, it takes courage to stand alone”

Let’s finish the article by looking into a list of major projects for electrical engineers:

Good major projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-09

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