Most Engineering Students have winter break after the exams. How are you utilizing it?

Technology is advancing very rapidly and engineers have a huge challenge to keep up with the pace. Employability for engineers looks even more challenging as robots and automation takes over. Engineers have to prepare themselves for the challenging future that they have. The solution is to become "truly innovative engineers" and not just "textbook geniuses".

Winter Holidays give students an opportunity to pursue exactly this. In the semester that is just ending, students have spent a lot of time attending classes, writing reports and preparing for exams. But they haven't got many opportunities to implement their learning, develop hands-on experience and build projects.

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Engineers can use the winter holidays to develop projects and build themselves as innovative, practical engineers and not just remain as formula-remembering textbook-memorizing engineers. Here are the opportunities Skyfi Labs is providing to the engineers who wish to utilize their winter holidays productively


Students can now Build Super Cool Engineering Projects using:

Option 1: Skyfi Labs Online Project Based Courses

Skyfi Labs' platform for online projects eases off your efforts in searching for awesome projects, procuring hardware components needed for this projects and seeking for the right guidance from an experienced mentor. You can select a project from the 30+ projects available at www.skyfilabs.com/online-courses and Skyfi Labs will ship the kit to your doorstep. You can use the well developed online video tutorials and kits to learn and build the project at your own time and place. You can also see a free demo of the projects and courses before placing an order.

These project-based courses are built following an innovative 'Learn - Do- Review methodology' that not only helps you to build cool projects but also ensures your learning in the process. Our team will provide you all the support you need so that you will have a great time learning and building projects.

Winter training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Winter training programs and start learning

At the end of the course, you need to submit a working video assignment and Skyfi Labs will issue a publicly verifiable certificate with unique number. Skyfi Labs online project based courses are currently available for students of Electronics (ECE), Electrical (EEE), Mechanical and Automobile Engineering disciplines.

Browse Online Project-based Courses

Option 2: Classroom Winter Training Program

In case you are more comfortable to attend a classroom based program, you can attend the Winter Training Camps being conducted in 10 cities across India. You can chose from 8 available courses for Civil, Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Mechanical and Automobile Engineering disciplines.

These 6-day winter training programs are designed in such a way that you will be exposed to advanced technologies and at the same time, you will build projects by having fun. These training programs also provide you with the platform to build your profile more practically in a way that will surely impress recruiters.

Cities where you can attend Skyfi Labs Winter Training Program:.

  • Bangalore (21 Jan - 26 Jan)
  • Chennai (03 Dec - 08 Dec)
  • Coimbatore (10 Dec - 15 Dec)
  • Delhi (17 Dec - 22 Dec)
  • Noida (14 Jan - 19 Jan)
  • Kolkata (31 Dec - 05 Jan)
  • Kolkata-baguiati (31 Dec - 05 Jan)
  • Mumbai (24 Dec - 29 Dec)
  • Mangalore (21 Jan - 26 Jan)

  • Did you know

    Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects.

    You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
    Get started today!

    Courses being offered in Winter Training Program:

    Civil Engineering:

  • BIM and CPM
  • Structural and Foundation Analysis
  • Total Station and GIS
  • ECE and EEE:

  • 2 IoT projects in 6 days
  • 7 Robots in 6 days
  • Mechanical, Automobile and Aeromodelling:

  • IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping
  • Quadcopter and RC Aircraft
  • So why wait? Choose a way that suits your requirement and start improving your skills as well as your career during this winter break. All the best!

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    Most Engineering Students have winter break after the exams. How are you utilizing it?
    Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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