Best way to choose Engineering Projects for Electrical Students

Electrical engineers are responsible for implementing electrical components into any number of devices that uses electricity. They help to design and manufacture electrical products of all shapes and sizes, making it as a career that is constantly on the cutting edge. Due to the job's complexities, Electrical engineers frequently work with computers and many of the professionals work as team. While there is overlap with electronics area, electrical engineers generally focus on supply and generation of power.

Note about Electrical Note:

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

3. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

4. Automatic Solar Tracker

5. 5 Arduino Projects

6. 4 Smart Energy Projects

7. PCB Manufacturing

8. Smart Traffic Lighting System

9. Automation using PLC

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The subfields include electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, RF engineering, and signal processing. The focus of the electrical engineering syllabus mostly remains on designing and testing ICs, inductors, capacitors, and resistors. They learn to design electronic circuits, computer systems and also to develop control systems. Electrical engineers need to deal with the problems associated with systems such as electric power transmission and electrical machines.

Is Project-based learning the new approach?

Projects plays a vital role in improving skill as well as in boosting career opportunities for an engineer. Building a project will expose the practical side of a student. Project based learning leads to interactive education and creates a deeper impact on the student. Most of the project involves teamwork or programs where students are required to work in a group. On the other hand, it also makes the learning part more fun as students are able to grasp more while learning it in a group. So let us focus on good projects related to different sectors of electronics and Communication which will enhance your skills.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

India is said to be one of the seven most consumers of energy, but the growing gap between consumption and domestic output is a concern. Renewable energy technologies like solar, Biomass, hydro etc. are deployed both in rural and urban areas to curb the gap between the supply and demand of power, which is due to the per capita energy consumption.

Latest projects on Electrical

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The effective utilization of intermittent and variable energy sources such as sunlight, the wind, etc. often requires energy storage. In some circumstances, electrical energy may be generated either on land or at sea, at a location that is too distant from a consumption center for conventional transmission lines to be used, for example Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. Modern methodologies must then be found for both storing the energy and transporting it economically to a load center. Project in these areas can create a good impact on mankind. Students can also work on projects related to smart energy systems. The Smart Energy System focuses on merging the electricity, heating, and transport sectors, in combination with various intra-hour, hourly, daily, seasonal and biannual storage options, to create the flexibility necessary to integrate larger penetrations of fluctuating renewable energy.

Check out these hands-on projects:

  • Solar and Smart Energy Systems
  • Solar Mobile Charger
  • Automatic Solar Tracker

Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines

Electrical Energy stands on the very first position in energy hierarchy. It is because electrical energy is easily adaptable to all human needs and interests in economics in efficient manner. At the same time, electrical energy can be easily controlled and is pollution free at the consumer premises. For generation and utilization of this energy vast variety of electrical machinery is used.

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Projects in these topics will help one’s learning in the principles and analysis of electromechanical systems. Students also develop analytical techniques for predicting device and system interaction characteristics as well as learn to design major classes of electrical machines. Projects developed are intended to strengthen the understanding of the phenomena and interactions in electro mechanics, and include examples from current research.

Try projects in these topics:

  • Dynamic /Active power factor correction
  • Vehicle systems Integration



Robotics brings together several very different engineering areas and skills. There is mechanics for mounting the wheels on the axles, connecting them to the motors and keeping the body in balance. You need electronics to power the motors and connect the sensors to the controllers. At last, you need the software to understand the sensors and drive the robot around.

Check out these hands-on projects:

  • Gesture Based Robotics
  • 7 Robots (Combo Course)
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Bluetooth Robotics
  • Sensor Guided Robotics
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Maze Solver Robotics


Home Automation

Automation involves the usage of various control devices like PLC’s, DCS, PC’s, used to have control on various operations in an industry without significant intervention from humans and to provide automatic control performance. To resolve the automation and control issues, industries use technologies in control systems for efficient production and manufacturing process. These requires high quality and reliable control systems. New trends in automation deal with the latest control systems and communication protocols to control field devices like Control valves.

Check out Home Automation System course get the hands on experience in Automation

Power Electronics

Power Electronics

A power electronic system consists of power electronic switching devices, linear circuit elements, digital circuits, microprocessors, electromagnetic devices, DSPs, filters, controllers, sensors, etc. This will be an introduction to switched-mode power converters. It provides a basic knowledge of circuitry for the control and conversion of electrical power with high frequency. The converter can change and regulate the current, voltage and power, DC-DC Converter, AC- Dc rectifier, DC-AC inverter. The application includes electrical power supply, aerospace and vehicle power systems.

Try some projects in these areas:

  • Design and implementation of Three level DC-DC Converter
  • Performance improvement of Two leg inverter FED BLDCM Drive
  • Sensorless Passivity Based control of a DC Motor

Engineering Tip

In order to develop a skillset in Electrical engineering, students should choose mini projects in the different sector which will enhance their technical skills and then build an innovative project as their final year Project.

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To help you in building good electrical (eee) mini projects, Skyfi Labs has developed Online Project Based Courses by which you can learn and build innovative electrical projects at your own pace and time. These courses are equiped with Learn-Do-Review methodology that ensures your learning and the hardware kits required to build the project will be shipped to your doorstep (helps you to save time in searching for the right hardwares). These courses also gives you the opportunity to innovate and redefine the projects under the expert's guidance (mentor assigned for you) from Skyfi Labs. Certificate with unique codes will be provided for all enrolled after successful completion of the project.

Good luck! Do comment below with your opinions and suggestions.

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Best way to choose Engineering Projects for Electrical Students
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