5 Reasons why you should organize a faculty development program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

“Efforts to develop critical thinking falter in practice because too many professors still lecture to passive audiences instead of challenging students to apply what they have learned to new questions”
-Derek Bok

With the unprecedented growth of institutions in the past 2 decades across the nation, there is a significant shortage of updated & well trained faculties.

This in turn poses a great challenge to the quality of education provided to the young and budding engineering students. Because of this, many educational institutions are finding it difficult to maintain their education standards, as providing state of the art infrastructure alone is not enough but having the right faculty is equally important.

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Faculties have the most important role to play in shaping the engineering student’s career and unarguably an institution having the best faculties who are skilled in latest technologies will top the charts in coming years.

This is more truer for EEE branch, where we witness lot of innovative technologies arising everyday (like IOT, Robotics, Automation, Alternative Energy etc.) and engineering students of this branch need to be trained in these latest technologies to stay ahead of their peers.

So in this article I am listing 5 reasons why you should organize a faculty development program in electrical & electronics engineering (EEE) at your college,

Tips to organize a faculty development program in electrical & electronics engineering (EEE) at your college

1. To make your faculty skilled in latest technologies:
With the reduction of cost and easier availability of electronic gadgets like sensors, microcontrollers & processors, a lot of new technologies emerged in the recent past. Learning these technologies is not easy, due to their interdisciplinary in nature and non-availability in the engineering syllabus.

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Conducting faculty development program on such latest technologies will help your faculty members to learn and get skilled in them. With the teaching experience coming in handy, your faculty members can easily understand the latest technologies and in turn teach it your students in a very easy manner.

2. To make them integrate more technology onto their teaching:
A recent survey states that more the technology used in teaching more the innovative & creative the student becomes. But it is not very easy to integrate technology onto our traditional teaching methodology. And with the emergence of interdisciplinary field like robotics, internet of things & automation technologies, it will be extremely difficult to teach them through conventional teaching methodologies.

More than the physical change, faculties should have a mental shift to usage of latest technologies in their teaching. Attending faculty development programs will introduce them to a newer way of learning, innovative methodology of teaching and will make them realise the importance of having technology backed learning.

3. To orient your faculty to institution’s objective & vision:
Now and then, your faculties need to refresh their minds by going back to their learning days. Every institution has their own objective & vision on innovation, integration of technology, collaboration of minds & establishing a centre of excellence. And your faculties should be reminded about these more often to make them align and achieve the management goals with a collaborative effort.

Attending faculty development programs will provide them a common platform to interact with other faculties & higher management officials and collaborate. This will definitely bring a change in their mind-set and approach towards the organisational goals and objectives.

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4. To expand your faculty roles:
Always a faculty member’s contribution is needed more than just teaching and delivering knowledge. They need to contribute towards the innovation and R&D happening within their department also to increase the standards. But they need the motivation to take up these roles, as these are not directly related to their payroll.

The experience that your faculties get by attending faculty development programs will motivate them to learn new technologies and do more research. With such motivation, your faculty members will start taking new responsibilities and assist in activities that are not part of their assigned tasks and contribute more towards the growth.

5. To help your faculty find work balance:
With the squeezing of academic schedules between lectures, laboratory practicals, examinations & internal activities, faculties find it very difficult to balance all of them.

Faculty development programs provide your faculties a chance to interact with the industrial experts who come with a lot of experience. By interacting with the expert they will understand how impactful a person can be, if he/ she works on improving their efficiency. This experience will definitely help them work on their efficiency and do more with their time.

On what topics should you organize a faculty development program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)?

The topics that you select should be interesting and engaging for the faculty members. And also the program selected should serve as an effective platform for them to improve themselves and help their students in better way.

Here are few trending topics in which you can organize a faculty development program for EEE branch,

1. Internet of Things (IOT):

Electrical (EEE) faculty development program in IOT

IOT had made a major breakthrough among the latest technologies, impacting almost all the industrial applications. With its wide offerings and easier implementation, the IOT industry is emerging as one of the top technologies in the world and reports state that this technology is going to transform into a multi-trillion dollar industry by 2020.

But getting acquainted with this technology is tough, as it is entirely a new concept and is not included in the engineering curriculum. Especially electrical engineering students are finding it difficult to learn this technology, despite knowing the importance of its application. So providing a faculty development program on this technology will help the faculties to get skilled in this amazing technology and in turn transfer the knowledge gained to their students.

Recommended to: This faculty development program is recommended to faculties who like to work with data and cloud interface. Also the faculty members who are assisting students in their final year projects should attend this so that they can provide a lot of guidance and support in using this technology.

Request a faculty development program in Internet of Things (IOT)

2. Advanced Robotics:

Faculty development program in advanced robotics for electrical and electronics engineering faculties

Although robotics is not a new technology, there is a significant advancement in this technology in the recent past due to the arrival of enhanced machined parts and faster processors. The traditional robotics projects do not fancy the engineering students anymore, as the schools of today have started giving robotics classes right from the mid-school level.

Although it is an inter-disciplinary field, electrical engineering concepts play a major role among the others. Providing a faculty development program in the field of advanced robotics will make your faculties to learn and get skilled in them. This in turn benefits your department, like a lot of robotics activities will start to happen, helping your students to develop innovative robotics projects becomes easy and also establishing a robotics club within your department can become a reality.

Recommended to: This program should be provided to faculties who are interested in building exciting robotics projects. And also if you want to establish a robotics club or a robotics centre of excellence in your department, it is recommended that your faculties go through this program prior so that they can assist your students in building innovative robotics projects.

Request a faculty development program in advance robotics

3. Smart Energy Systems:

Faculty development program in smart energy systems for electrical and electronics engineering faculties

Long gone are the days where innovators spend a lot of time making electrical devices, now it is all about making them smarter. With the advent of faster internet, more reliable communication mediums and alternate energy sources, it is now possible to turn any device into a smarter and much more efficient device.

This is a must do faculty development program in the field of electrical and electronics engineering, as one can closely relate it to the application of technologies learnt in the engineering syllabus. This program will also help your faculty members to engage your students more actively by helping them build practical projects on the concepts they learn as part of the academics.

Recommended to: This program is recommended for all the faculties who act as the mentor for electrical engineering students in developing final year projects. As a lot of students now showing great interest in developing innovative final year projects, it is recommended that the faculties should gain good knowledge on these technologies and assist them.

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Why Skyfi Labs for faculty development programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

Skyfi Labs is an edu-tech company started by IIT Kanpur alumnus people with a vision to infuse latest technologies on Indian engineering system and make it easy for anyone to learn latest technologies by building projects hands-on. With the courses developed with highest quality through continuous R&D and interaction with industrial experts, the faculty development program offered in mechanical engineering will prove to be one of its kind and will definitely help your faculty members to bring in a change themselves and also with their interaction with the students community.

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All the best. Hope you will all have a great EEE faculty development program in your college soon!

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5 Reasons why you should organize a faculty development program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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