Senior Design Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

Electrical engineering is concerned with power generation, transmission and storage. On the other hand, electronics engineering handles the matters which concern dealing with electrical appliances that run on electricity. Electricity is a major part of our lives and we cannot deny the fact that the educationists of the world are trying to solve as many problems as they can to improve the working of these areas.

Those working in electrical and electronics engineering, not only look for the basics of the subject to build the machines and applying them in power systems analysis but also they try on new things so that they could put innovation into use to increase the efficiency. The same sector of engineering is doing new things every day and the curriculum changes every year in schools and universities to make use of the new upcoming technologies.

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

3. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

4. Automatic Solar Tracker

5. 5 Arduino Projects

6. 4 Smart Energy Projects

7. PCB Manufacturing

8. Smart Traffic Lighting System

9. Automation using PLC

There have been many senior design projects that students look for to fit it in their certificates. One of the new developments is that the students are surfing through the net to look for projects that can actually solve problems. Various energy generation projects have been picked but the most famous of them all is solar energy.

While reading this article, you will come across various ideas about the electrical senior projects and electrical engineering senior design projects as well as many sources that you can go through to get the required information to carry the working of it forward.

The various senior design projects that are going to be discussed in this article are Traffic Lights management, Smart energy projects, Home Automation and others. The world of science and engineering have been developing and there are new innovations every day.

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How do I choose a senior design project?

Choosing a senior design project is not a simple job. A major project determines how well have you gained the understanding of your projects and this also shows up in your resume. Which college you go out for higher studies or what your career would be might depend upon the same.

All the students are not the same. Many of the students, as said above, choose their projects out of the internet and some choose to solve the problems they themselves face on a personal level. There is a similarity between both the methods that both of them solves major electrical or electronics related problems.

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What is senior design?

Senior design is that field of science and engineering that is responsible for leading the programs and project level designing and making prototypes. The other activities the engineers involved in are the fabrication of composite design solutions that helps in project building. It is one of the foremost steps in plant and energy system designing and production.

The senior designing is a subject that requires precision and a lot of experience which comes after years of study. We are very lucky that our universities of higher education offer a lot of opportunities in proving the potential of a lot of students. The students take the opportunities offered into serious notes and then prove themselves in front of the world.

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Good senior design projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students

The students have been involving themselves in projects that help them to come up with innovations and prove themselves in front of either companies or universities. These projects not only involve those which are inspired by the topics and problems available online, but they also include those topics that the students come up with. These include problems that the people around them face on a daily basis. The students come up with solutions to these problems on their own. Sometimes they even take help from their professors.

Electrical engineering students have been well known in writing research papers as there are so many areas from where they could take inspiration. They involve themselves in senior design electrical projects and electrical senior design projects and they also take responsibilities of solving the problems and serve the field of science. Skyfi Labs provides many topics on which the projects can be taken up. The students have the freedom to take over their own topics and figure out the solutions to the problems presented in those topics.

1. Smart Energy Meter senior design project

Smart Energy refers to the energy that not only gives efficiency out of the system but also leads to utilisation of energy resources very efficiently. The smart energy meter can be designed using GSM. There is a great push toward energy monitoring across the world. This senior design project helps you build one project to track energy usage and send it via SMS periodically. The data acquired during monitoring will help us to take necessary steps for saving energy.


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2. Home Automation using IoT senior design project

Various homes are turning into smart homes by applying the concepts of electrical and electronics engineering. All the users have to do is to just throw a command and enjoy the pleasures of automation. Home Automation is one such area that is tremendously impacted by IoT. Every room and light in the near future will be automatically controlled by computers. In this senior design project, you will design one such system as discussed above.


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3. Solar and smart energy system

Solar energy is the new technology that brings up opportunities to put the green energy in use. The field of energy production is doing wonders. But in recent years, the effects it has on nature is overwhelming. People have come across alternatives for the same as Solar Energy. Solar and Smart Energy Systems Course involve hands-on experience in renewable energy and smart systems. These two technologies, in combination with each other, are going to have a huge impact on our future.


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4. Smart Lighting system

Traffic is causing a lot of problems in the urban areas and we need to solve them. The red lights are only working half of the time and people are working to solve the problems. With urbanisation on the rise! Cities need to be made smarter to tackle problems. Road congestion is one such issue & a smarter way to manage it is by implementing an unmanned automation process! In this senior design project, you will build one such system to handle traffic in a smart way using IR sensors.


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You can also check out the below list for more senior design projects:

  • Automatic solar tracker
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Smart Traffic Lighting system
  • Automation using PLC
  • Wireless power transfer electrical project
  • Industrial temperature controller using plc
  • Dish positioning control senior design electrical project
  • Bottle filling system using PLC
  • PIR based energy conversation system
  • Attendance management system – senior design project

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Senior Design Projects for Electrical Engineering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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