Good Capstone Projects for Electrical (EEE) Engineering Students


“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. “

Elon Musk

It is very well defined by the famous entrepreneur and a successful businessman Elon Musk that once you think of your future and decide to work in the direction of having a good career, it marks a new journey of yours. During the course, you will have to learn, get trained and execute serval task in order to become successful. A Capstone project is one such milestone in your journey. This is one small step towards your goal. The capstone project helps you to determine the depth of your knowledge and apply it in the most practical manner. Today all the Engineering colleges have one or two Capstone projects in their curriculum. In this article, some interesting capstone projects for electrical students are also discussed.

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Note about Electrical Note:

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

3. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

4. Automatic Solar Tracker

5. 5 Arduino Projects

6. 4 Smart Energy Projects

7. PCB Manufacturing

8. Smart Traffic Lighting System

9. Automation using PLC

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What exactly is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is simply a big and highly extensive academic project that is undertaken by the student as a final task in their academic degree programs. The capstone is more or less a research project. The student will write a proposal in the area they wish to delve in and they will need to produce high-quality original research. It is also in the form of a practical project.

Capstone ventures are commonly intended to urge understudies to think fundamentally, take care of testing issues, and create aptitudes, for example, oral correspondence, open talking, examine abilities, media proficiency, cooperation, arranging, independence, or objective setting—i.e., abilities that will help set them up for school, present-day professions, and grown-up life. By and large, the activities are likewise interdisciplinary, as in they expect understudies to apply aptitudes or examine issues across a wide range of branches of knowledge or areas of information.

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How do you make an electrical project?

The answer depends on if it is an individual or group project and what type of resources you might have. It also depends on what your goals are. For senior design capstone projects, it is a good idea to do something that captures your imagination and hopefully others. It can be hard to scope out a good project and you should think about the following.

What do you want to accomplish?

a) Learn something challenging and increase your expertise.
b) Implement and build something to make an idea tangible.
c) Make something that benefits you or a small group.
d) Make something that is actually useful and can benefit society.
e) Impress others with your engineering skills and build your resume

Good capstone projects for electrical (EEE) engineering students

Can you build your own Capstone Project, Yes why not? Here at Skyfi Labs, we have all the essentials required to help you build and your own Capstone project. Just have a look at the option we have here.

1. Home Automation using IoT


Right from the beginning when IoT first came into being, it has been a hot tech topic and has now become one of the most crucial aspects. So, if you are curious enough to unveil the mystery of IoT, we have it here exclusively at Skyfi Labs.

In this capstone project, you will figure out how to manufacture an electronic gadget which can be utilized to control all the home machines utilizing Bluetooth innovation. The venture you create can be utilized to turn ON/OFF the gadgets by giving orders utilizing an Android App introduced on a cell phone. You will have the option to store and break down the information about the use of home machines.

What you'll learn by doing this project?
  • IoT - Concepts and Applications
  • Arduino Architecture and Programming
  • Bluetooth Communication

This capstone project will enhance technical knowledge in the field of IoT as it’s very much clear that it is the future technology. Having prior and ample knowledge in the field will definitely benefit you over the other.

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2. PCB Manufacturing


Do you know PCB design is the job of the future?

As the innovation propels, the requirement for PCBs gets even more elevated. Obviously, not all printed circuit sheets are the equivalent – they should be intended for a specific reason, something that is finished by PCB originators.

In reality, the planners are the individuals who matter the most with regards to the creation of PCBs and their job will get considerably increasingly significant sooner rather than later. Aside from structuring totally different printed circuit sheets, the fashioners are likewise responsible for some different assignments. For example, their main responsibility is to test electronic parts, look at changed sheets, etc.

What is that you will learn by building this project?

The project comprises of descriptive training of making PCB right from the basics. You will be making a PCB prototype to function as a clap circuit i.e. the system will detect a clap to power a LED light.

  1. Circuit design using software tools
  2. PCB fabrication as per design input
  3. Testing PCB after loading component

This electrical project will help you learn design PCB and use it for a real use like a clap circuit.

Learn more about PCB design

3. MATLAB for Engineers

MATLAB is fairly important for engineer's dealing with 'signals'. It is used for rapid prototyping, meaning you can quickly code your 'idea' and you can simulate near to practical scenarios to measure its performance. So, how would this help you? Coding is relatively easier in MATLAB because of the vast number of IP's. This reduces your coding time allowing you to invest more in developing the method.

Here at Skyfi Labs, we will help you built the skills of MATLAB from scratch. you will learn concepts and use them in developing amazing projects

You will investigate the conceivable outcomes by programming and scripting in MATLAB, make Simulink models for different differential conditions and play around with physical bodies utilizing Simscape.

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4. Robotic Arm


Robotic science has an enormous degree as a vocation alternative as robots assume a significant job in the mechanical part. They help in accelerating the way toward assembling and finds colossal application in the fields of atomic science, investigation of the ocean, structuring of bio-clinical hardware, and so forth.

In this capstone project, you will be building your own Robotic arm with 3 degrees of freedom and you can control the robotic arm with your mobile phone. Isn’t it interesting?

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Here is the list of a few more fascinating capstone projects with us that you might find interesting.

Here at Skyfi Labs, we are trying to get you success with your new career launch and excel in your professional world.

As today in this fast and competitive world, one has to stand out the crowd in order to grab a good opportunity, and this can only be done if you have some good skills. Here at Skyfi Labs with a wide range of self-learning projects, you could be one. Don’t miss this chance and pick any one of the projects that best suits you.

We provide online project-based courses to help you learn and develop your own Capstone project. Not only this it will add on to your skill which will help you in the near future

All our course comes along with a smart certificate, and this is very crucial as everyone needs a valid proof of your training and this is one which is going to be your career booster for sure.

Expert support, this is indeed a star feature as here at Skyfi Labs we have the best of experts to take all your queries and troubleshoot your problems at one go. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Good Capstone Projects for Electrical (EEE) Engineering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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