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Every engineering has with it, an associated project that students have to be a part of. Well, these projects are not just meant for compulsory learning related to your subject but also shaped in a way how you can expand the knowledge of your horizon. Every engineering has its own ways of showing you how nature and technology can so beautifully be combined that can provide you with the best of the place you’re in. The impact that any engineering based application can have on our lives is quite powerful and to introduce you with such new amazing facts that you will go crazy about, here this article emphasizes on one of the hardest branch, “electrical engineering” and its mind-blowing applications. Surely, electrical engineering is considered to be the toughest of all and as well demands a great amount of hard work and to brief you, this article describes what electrical engineering involves, what are its real-life examples and some excellent BE projects. For all the electrical engineers out there, you must find yourselves relatable to this article. So, let’s get started!

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What is electrical engineering all about?

Whenever you think about electrical engineering, what all things pop up in your mind immediately? Circuits, currents, batteries, resistors, diodes, wires, switches, bulbs, etc. but really, is electrical engineering confined only to these things? Obviously not! What it requires the most is a deep theoretical and practical knowledge about various instruments and measurements that you see. Not even a single tech-based application around is complete with the intervention of electrical engineering. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn how applications ranging from a simple device like a bulb to huge complex machines, work? We all have once must be made a simple circuit consisting of a bulb, some wires, a battery and a switch to delight ourselves with the joy of seeing how a bulb glows. On opening any electrical device, you will realize how intricately the networks are connected. Eventually, we learn about how internal connections of a device are apparently an advanced version of these small circuits.

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What kind of projects do electrical engineers work on?

Have you ever been to a power station and got fascinated by the mechanism of how electricity is supplied to our homes and how engineers can detect any minute fault that occurs midway while operating from there itself?

The technology involves the use of IR sensors to promote automation in household appliance and industrial areas, is in great demand. Apart from this, a modern traffic control signal, appliances making use of Bluetooth technology, microcontrollers, circuit breakers, embedded systems, and other works including learning about hydro-gas energy plant, thermal energy plant, solar energy, fuel cell, are some terrific project ideas.

The example of a power station stated above is also a very good idea to start your internship from. For more detailed ideas, you can always visit our website to have a greater insight into the electrical world.

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Is electrical engineering hard?

Well, a known fact already that electrical engineering is the hardest of all the other engineering branches, in the eyes of many people. It might not be wrong to comprehend the word “hard” as having a deeper grip on the subject instead of taking it literally. The word “hard” requires you to pay attention to a thorough knowledge of each and every instrument that you make use of while performing experiments. Of course, electrical engineering can prove to be a burden if studied with just an intention to get over with it, but once you arouse the curiosity of exploring new things about your regular “toys” in the lab, then, believe me, you are definitely going to love this journey. Nothing can really be hard unless it has got your full devotion which electrical engineering highly demands from its students.

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Are electrical engineers in demand?

Can you seriously for once imagine your life without electrical appliances or if to leave them, then without electricity? Surely not! It’s been a common practice for quite a long time for students to run after “Computer Science” thinking that it is going to get them into core jobs. But it’s not true. Electrical engineering is equivalently important as it is the main platform, you can finish your project with. Without its support, nothing can so greatly be achieved as we see today. Every other branch requires directly or indirectly, some sort of electrical functioning so as to make its own device complete.

What can big machines do if the circuit inside them is absent? Or how can you smoothly enjoy air conditioners during summers? Or just coding in several languages can get you practical knowledge? No, right? It’s these questions that let you think about how crucial electrical engineering in our lives is. Not only this, electrical engineers are said to have possessed a deep knowledge that makes them different from others just because they’ve seen things working from the very scratch and know theoretical aspects of them.

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BE projects for electrical engineering

Here comes the most informative part of this article. Listed below are some Electrical BE projects that you can look forward to being a part of. For any kind of help, you are always welcome by our mentor teachers who can guide you the right way.

1. Smart Irrigation System using IoT: Learn this great electrical project by building a device that detects any change in the moisture level in the soil and also further controls the flow of water accordingly. Learn to work with a soil moisture sensor and an Arduino board.

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2. Home Automation System using IoT: Using the Bluetooth technology you get to build a device that can control your home appliances. This electrical project also helps you to learn to store and analyze the data about their usage and power consumption.

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3. Multichannel Wireless PLC Based DC Motor Protection EEE Project: This BE project helps in protecting DC motor from fault. It also monitors different aspects of a motor and prevents it from getting it malfunctioned. This is an extremely outstanding project for students to work on.

4. Design and Implementation of Automatic Door using PLC: Through this electrical BE project, you will learn about how to design an automatic door using PLC. A very nice example to illustrate the use of PLC, this project has definitely a lot of things to display. Through PLC and infrared sensors that are sensitive to their surroundings, such doors can be built.

You can also check the following list for more BE projects for electrical:

Hope this article was of some information to you.

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Wish you All the Best for your electrical project! Please feel free to reach us for any queries by writing them in the comment section below.

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BE projects for Electrical Engineering (EEE) students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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