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3 Best Robotics Classes for Kids in Dubai, UAE

The world is moving towards becoming a massive Silicon Valley with cyberspace being at the roots of its education system. We are in the era of artificial intelligence, intertwined with every move we make. Learning skills such as robotics, coding, and programming languages are now more a necessity than a choice just as learning MS Office was for 90’s kids. But worry not, we are here to guide you with the best robotics classes for kids in Dubai. These robotics courses for kids aim to provide the opportunity to introduce a kid to the fundamental skills the world is looking to employ.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the interdisciplinary study of building and using robots involving the science of engineering and designing. Robots have found their place, assisting humans, in all nooks and corners from industrial sectors to health sectors. Robotics involves a part of computer programming to set up commands that would define its range of work. Although it was believed robotics would be too difficult to grasp by children below high school but research showed contrasting results. Children as young as 8 and above are more than able to learn and employ the science of robotics. Thereafter, it was decided upon to build child-friendly courses on robotics that would help them learn and awaken their curiosity at the same time.

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Why teach robotics to kids?

1. Helps to develop analytical and logical reasoning skills:

Learning the basics at an early age will help a kid develop a logical mindset. They will automatically learn analytical skills along with reasoning while gaining hands-on experience.

2. Helps to develop computational and mathematical skills:

Learning robotics is an additional yet essential skill today. It will also help the kids refine other basic skills such as computational and mathematical abilities. Mastering robotics will, in turn, prove beneficial to the kids by keeping them at par with the recent trends in technology. 

3. Help develop cognitive skills:

Cognitive skills are basics to a child’s education in a world that cannot function without technology. Developing these skills will build more self-confidence in the child and help achieve better results.

4. Introduce the child to the world of technology and programming:

Learning robotics at an early age will introduce them to the processes of application and technology and help them better understand the details of programming with time. Apart from developing concepts that are unavoidable, they also master the art of building from scratch. 

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5. Help develop creativity:

Introduction to processes of robotics at an early age will help tap into the creative potential of a child, giving wings to the young and artistic mechanic hiding in them. 

6. Help your kid relax and learn at the same time:

Building a robot can be fun and relaxing while teaching a kid to be competent in the world of technology. Learning and achieving the results would also give a sense of satisfaction and instill self-confidence in a child. 

7. Learning STEM through Robotics:

Robotics uses practical applications of subjects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) approach, thus giving the children a realistic outlook to the theories taught in school. Learning robotics through in-hand experiences will help them recognize the practical applications of the subject. 

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Best robotics classes to look out for kids in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the hub of several multimillion-dollar projects. The ever-expanding businesses have created highly paid job vacancies for people with the right skill set. Nevertheless, the 21st-century in-demand skill set is a blend of proficiency in several genres of computer science. It is best to introduce kids of this generation to the world of robotics at an early age and help construct a better understanding of the subject. To list the 3 best online robotics courses for kids in Dubai would be:

These online courses on Robotics designed by Skyfi Labs are tailor-made to help develop the trending skill set. It will thus help our kids to take a step towards being the tech-savvy the world is looking for. Skyfi Labs offers a fun and interactive way to introduce kids to robotics and tap into the potential artificial imagination in the children. Their courses are also designed for a wide range of age groups.

What these courses have to offer?

  • These courses are specially designed keeping in mind the age and needs of the learner. 
  • They intend to build up the ability to identify and solve problems along with developing analytical thinking and creativity skills.
  • They come with 1-1 online sessions enabling the teacher to provide undivided attention to the child. 
  • These courses come with a learning kit that is tested for safety and is shipped within 24 hours.
  • They aim to clarify concepts and help master the knowledge of robotics from experts teaching the children to build robots from scratch.
  • The child is guided on a step by step basis from basic projects such as building a doorbell to advanced ones such as a radio-controlled robot. 
  • They also provide an E- certificate after completion of the course.
  • Lead the learners towards developing imperative skills of logical reasoning and cognitive thinking.
  • Equipped to adept the children in a wide array of skills through hands-on experience that will help in their overall growth.


The three courses listed provide the best Robotics Classes in Abu Dhabi. On a cursory glance, this article attempts to provide information related to courses on robotics in Al Karama. These courses would help the kids build clear concepts of robotics. On completion of the course, the child should be able to build robots from scratch and will have better cognitive skills. These courses are designed to instill in them the ability to recognize and solve challenges they are put forthwith. They are equipped to tap into the creativity of the child and bring out the architect in them. Skyfi Labs incorporates the STEM curriculum in their teaching approach and believes in learning through practical applications. Children enrolling in these courses will develop a distinct skill set for a better understanding of the futuristic technology and advancements in the field of science and engineering.

Other courses offered by Skyfi Labs in Dubai, UAE

3 Best Robotics Classes for Kids in Dubai, UAE
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-03-30

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