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Best Kids Programming Courses in Jeddah

Most of the parents still don't have a clue about how to engage their children with productive activities. If you are a parent from the above category who is looking for an after school activity for your kid in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to fasten them with something productive, Skyfi Labs center in Jeddah provides various coding summer camps, robotics boot camps, drone workshops and coding online classes for kids. 

Introducing coding for kids at a young age will equip them with various life skills such as creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, entrepreneurship, leadership, and many more. With the coming of innovative technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Image processing, etc. the future world is going to look different than what it looks now. Programming is the base for all the happening advancements thus teaching coding for kids will add more competitive advantage in various aspects of their career. 

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Note about Robotics for kids Note:

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

Benefits of teaching coding for kids

It is already a known thing that computers have changed the way we live our lives. Almost all the fields in the world somehow depended on computer programming. This is the reason why coding is considered as a most sought-after skill. With a lot of businesses trying to transform their business into digital. The importance of coding knowledge is becoming more and more important. Apart from this below are some other reasons why coding for kids is important:

  • Coding helps kids to structure and organize their thoughts more efficiently
  • Coding offers a platform where kids can learn and build whatever they want
  • With the help of coding kids can improve their problem solving and creative skills
  • Kids will enjoy learning STEM subjects by making interactive games and animations
  • As coding is an important asset of future technologies it helps kids be better prepared for the future.
  • Coding helps kids to understand the working of technologies around them not only just using it. 
  • Coding provides endless opportunities where kids get the chance to play around and experiment with their ideas. 

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Latest projects on Robotics for kids

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Things to take care before joining kids in coding classes:

  • Make sure the classes are more practical not just full of boring theory
  • Remember kids will get bored easily thus the classes should be fun and interactive at the same time
  • Some kids feel shy to open up so the classes should provide a comfortable learning environment
  • Kids have more creativity than grown adults hence instead of restricting their ideas, the classes should encourage kids to come up with their own ideas
  • At last, kids are kids it may be difficult for them to understand the complex topics so the concepts should be explained in a more understandable way
  • Kids should get a wow experience in each and every class

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How to build Robotics for kids projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Robotics for kids Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

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You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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Best Kids Programming Courses in Jeddah

Skyfi Labs Jeddah offers several Kids programming courses with the above-mentioned features. In our programs, kids will have blast coding games, animations, web applications, and mobile applications. Below are the coding classes for kids of all ages offered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

  1. Scratch coding class for kids
  2. Game coding class for kids
  3. App development coding class for kids
  4. Robotics coding class for kids
  5. Drone coding class for kids

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1. Scratch coding class for kids

This class is suitable for beginner kids who are stepping into the programming world. Kids will learn scratch coding and develop interactive animations and tell stories. This class provides kids the opportunity to foster their creativity. Kids will develop projects such as fight animation sequence, dance party, pegasus making, cat runner, and many more.

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2. Game coding class for kids

Kids are always fond of gaming, As part of this class, kids will learn the coding concepts by developing interactive games. As they progress through they will understand the process behind game development such as designing the scenes, controlling players, and creating sprites. Kids will develop games such as ping-pong, Minecraft, angry birds, etc.

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3. App development coding class for kids

Developing a mobile application introduces various technologies for kids. As part of this coding class, kids will develop a variety of mobile applications using the MIT app inventor. GPS location app, calculator app, attendance app, etc are the applications that kids will develop as part of this course.

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4. Robotics coding class for kids

In robotics coding class kids will have fun building robots and playing with it. This is the most engaging class suitable for kids who love to work with wires and electronic components. Kids will use scratch programming and program the robot to perform various tasks. Obstacle avoiding robot, obstacle avoiding robot, light following robot, obstacle detecting robot, etc are the robots that kids will develop as part of this course. 

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5. Drone coding class for kids

Drones connect various technologies together such as robotics, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and many more. Thus it helps kids to learn the STEM concepts practically along with fun. Also, drones promote outdoor activities for kids and improve kid’s cognitive and motor skills. Phone clone, open sesame, chuck to fly, etc are some drone projects that kids will develop as part of this program.

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From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg everyone developed their fortune with the help of coding. Also, they began to learn coding at an early age and started their company before even finishing their degree. As you can see coding revolutionized their life thus it can make your kids as well. Therefore enroll your kids in our coding programs in Jeddah to make them the innovators of tomorrow. 

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At Skyfi Labs we also provide online coding classes for kids where the classes will happen in live 1-1 sessions your child can learn comfortably right from your home itself. 

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Best Kids Programming Courses in Jeddah
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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