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Online Robotics summer camps for kids

Published on 18 May 2020. Written by Athulya menon

Online Robotics summer camps for kids


In today's world, technology rules everything. Therefore, preparing our children for the future involves teaching them about new technology. Everything is constantly changing in today's technology-driven world, and we must try to keep up. Therefore, parents should allow their children to learn new skills. One of the most essential skills that kids can have is problem solving and analytics. Robotics is one field that can help teach children a lot about science. Since automation is where the future is heading, this will also help prepare our children for the future. An excellent way to join learning and fun is through a summer camp for kids. These camps have a pleasant environment that encourages learning. Also, an online robotics summer camp for kids is a great way to introduce children to robotics. Here's a look at some of the best online robotics summer camps for kids to help you choose the best ones.

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Online coding summer camps for kids

Published on 14 May 2020. Written by Mukta Manshi

Online coding summer camps for kids


The summer vacations are around the corner and so is the season of learning. It is the period in which your kids get the opportunity to take a break from their hectic and fast study schedule. The competition going on in today's world to become first do no let students to learn something extra in normal days. But vacations are the only time when they can learn new and exciting things that provides them with an extra edge over others.

Many things are emerging nowadays in the form of extra skills and talent. But the most popular one is coding for kids as it opens multiple doors of opportunities for them. Due to the exponential rise of technology, it can easily be predicted that it will reach maximum heights in the forthcoming times. This is why the concept of an online summer camp for coding comes into the picture.

However, even in the world of programming, there are multiple things. Therefore, to provide you with deep insight here is all you need to about learning opportunities in computer coding for kids. Read ahead to find all the necessary details related to online summer camp before enrolling your kids.

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Online drone summer camp for kids

Published on 10 May 2020. Written by Athulya menon

Online Drones summer camps for kids

Actually, experts believe that drones will become an important industry in India.  Due to their large-scale applicability, drones will become very useful in the future. Also, recent regulations were brought in to make drones usable by the Civil Aviation department.

Furthermore, India is also using drones in the army, navy and airforce. Thus, all in all, this is a good time to start learning more about drones and how they work. That is why it is important to start young. This will help children learn more about technology that will become useful in the future. So, to help kids get started faster, here’s a look at some great online drone summer camp for kids!

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Summer Camps for School Students in 2024

Published on 20 May 2019. Written by Sreejani Datta

Summer camps for school students

Why summer training is important for school students?

In every family, we find at least one kid who loves to get in the suit of an inventor, who loves being engaged in his/her own actions and tries to make innovative things through endless trial and error sessions. And they never fail to surprise us by their ultimate result. This high spirit which we see within them is basically due to their interest and eagerness.

Kids always want to get recognized through their competitive spirit and skills. Therefore, we should always appreciate such zealous attitude and guide them up in their ideas and help them fix up their structural dot. To help your kid you can make them take part in summer camps, organized especially for kids. And summer vacation is the best time to get their minds off from school curriculum and take part in summer training camps.

You must be thinking why a kid would get engaged in such a loaded work.

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