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Online drone summer camp for kids

Actually, experts believe that drones will become an important industry in India.  Due to their large-scale applicability, drones will become very useful in the future. Also, recent regulations were brought in to make drones usable by the Civil Aviation department.

Furthermore, India is also using drones in the army, navy and airforce. Thus, all in all, this is a good time to start learning more about drones and how they work. That is why it is important to start young. This will help children learn more about technology that will become useful in the future. So, to help kids get started faster, here’s a look at some great online drone summer camp for kids!

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Benefits of drone technology for STEM learning

For many kids, STEM, which comprises the disciplines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is considered the most difficult. However, since STEM is the most important field for innovation and engineering, it is something that we need to develop. One of the best ways to do so is to nurture STEM in kids at a young age. Summer camps for kids and science camps are a great way to do so. Here’s a look at what drone technology does to help enhance STEM learning in children.

  1. Helps spark enrollment in STEM, as it makes learning more fun.
  2. Improves STEM learning engagement as children have a good time learning new things when they get hands-on experience with it.
  3. Makes learning STEM more fun, enjoyable and relatable.
  4. Encourages children to ask questions and nurtures their curiosity
  5. Online drone summer camps get rid of geographical constraints and make learning more fun.
  6. Sparks interest in STEM and encourages higher learning in STEM
  7. Helps remove the traditional barriers that make STEM more difficult for kids around the world.
  8. Introduces children to more complicated concepts such as mechanics, flight design and aerodynamics

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What do drones teach kids about STEM?

Drones seem to be very popular nowadays, thanks to their introduction in various fields in recent years. Let us take a look at what drones teach kids about STEM.

  • Very engaging learning environment, which helps children get more interested in STEM, leading to greater opportunities for more interactive classes.
  • Gives wings to geography classes by using drones to study topography and what not!
  • Since math is a challenging subject for many students, the usage of drones can help make math classes more fun. Drones can help teachers explain real-world applications of math formulas which make it easier for children to understand them.
  • Flying drones help children relate more to aerodynamics, physics and even electronics when they start building drones of their own.
  • Serves as a great introduction to programming for children.
  • Drones also help children develop their soft skills and other social skills as it breeds teamwork.

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Online Drones summer camps for kids

We at Skyfi Labs have developed some online summer camps for kids where drone technology is explained interactively to the kids through online live sessions. This summer camp helps your kid to learn the drone technology practically. Following are the online drones summer camps for kids of various age groups:

1. Drones Starter Summer Camp for Kids (Age 8+)

Your child could be the next big thing in science. However, he or she does need that first push to start moving forward. This drone summer camp could be the right nudge in the right direction. Perfect for children with an innate interest in science, this camp helps introduce them to concepts in STEM. Suitable for children above the age of 8, this camp nurtures interest and sparks curiosity in kids. During this drone camp, kids will get introduced to the world of drone technology. They will learn about devices like gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer and barometer.

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2. Drones Explorer Summer Camp for Kids (Age 10+)

In case your child has been showing an interest in science and has learned some concepts on their own, then send them to this drone class to bring out their inner genius. Perfect for children who have started exploring on their own, the Drone Explorer summer camp helps them take their knowledge to the next level. The Drones Summer Camp helps children understand why drone technology is taking over the world and introduces them to mid-level concepts such as programming and mid-level physics. Your child will learn about the spirit level, colour wheel and about the assembly and flying of drones in this online drone summer camp.

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3. Drones Champion Summer Camp for Kids (Age 14+)

This online drone summer camp is perfect for kids who know they want to excel in STEM. In case you have a child who is showing exceptionally understanding of STEM, then enroll them here to improve their skill. Built for kids above the age of 14, this drone summer camp helps introduce them to high-level concepts related to drone technology. Children will learn how to program in C++ and will work on projects related to Open sesame, Reactive Drone, Debugging APIs and phone cloning.

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Since the drones are going to create a huge job opportunity in the future teaching your kid the drone technology at an early age will definitely help them to build a better career. Enroll your kid to the online drone summer camp to teach the technology of the future in an innovative way.

Online drone summer camp for kids
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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