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Summer Camps for School Students in 2024

Why summer training is important for school students?

In every family, we find at least one kid who loves to get in the suit of an inventor, who loves being engaged in his/her own actions and tries to make innovative things through endless trial and error sessions. And they never fail to surprise us by their ultimate result. This high spirit which we see within them is basically due to their interest and eagerness.

Kids always want to get recognized through their competitive spirit and skills. Therefore, we should always appreciate such zealous attitude and guide them up in their ideas and help them fix up their structural dot. To help your kid you can make them take part in summer camps, organized especially for kids. And summer vacation is the best time to get their minds off from school curriculum and take part in summer training camps.

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You must be thinking why a kid would get engaged in such a loaded work.

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Well! Let me tell you one thing, kids never get bored of demolishing and reconstructing things. Under training camps the whole process for a kid is dynamically exciting, this is because, they will be working on various awesome hands-on projects. It's like building up things with Legos one after the other, that is, you get your brains into work, design the entire structure, dig into the system, fix up the jigsaw puzzle and then Bang - Here you are with your self-built new model.

Seems easy right? Yes, it does get easy when the whole concept is understood well or rather taught well to the kids. The entire system is understood through the Learn-Do-Review method, which is easier and an interesting way to elevate your child's focus levels. As a result, you eventually see your kid building up innovative models.

Therefore, summer training is the smartest way to help your kid in developing valuable skills and also these experiences will benefit your child in future careers.

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1. Want to see your child as a Robotics Genius? - Then land them down in the making of the bots - ROBOTICS.

From Cell-sized injectable micro-robots to smartest humanoids, the applications of Robotics have always been diverse and inspiring. And thus Robotics is an ever-evolving discipline where we see consistent groundbreaking innovations. To facilitate deeper insight of such projects to your kid, Robotics summer camps are a must.

Robotics summer camp provide great scope for learning to kids. These summer camp programs increase their potentials and experiences by making them build cool robots using their own hands. It gives a thorough breadth of knowledge on various sensors and applications of electronic circuits and it’s working.

All of these involve a complete hands-on practical based learning experience which leads to enthusiasm in work and excitement. Therefore, Robotics is a must-do summer camp program for every interested school kid.

Robotics Summer camp for School kids

For instance, the robotics summer camp provided by Skyfi Labs provides a very good platform for your kid to learn robotics easily by building projects. Since these programs are specially designed for school kids, your child will have a wonderful experience building the project. Even to ease your kid’s learning of programming concepts, the course is equipped with scratch based block programming modules that make programming the robot super easy.

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You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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2. Like to see your kid fly high from your nest? Train them to be the best through AEROMODELLING.

Letting our kids fly high is what we all want and Aeromodelling is one such project where kids love to delve deeper in order to rise, fly high and shine. This field basically deals in the making of various types of aircraft projects which can actually fly. Every kid gets amazed when they see airplanes, helicopters or any aircraft models up in the air and while seeing that they always meet up with the question - “How do they fly?”

Well! The first step towards rooting out the concept and basics starts right from here.

Aeromodelling summer camps have always been a majorly recommended one. Aeromodelling summer program provides a unique opportunity for school kids to learn, design and build amazing aero models using their own hands.

Aeromodelling summer camp for School kids

This program introduces the school kids to the field of aviation which will help them get their dream careers. Aeromodelling has always been a benefitting project, full of thrill and excitement. Kids get to be more creative and active. Not only it educates them in the field of science but also they gain a high sense of achievement, confidence and self-esteem. In addition to that, the logical reasoning capabilities of kids get improved and give a broader view in understanding the principles of physics.

After all these benefits, you definitely want your kid to be knowledgeable and super smart.

For instance, the aeromodelling summer camp provided by Skyfi Labs helps your kid to learn and build two different aero models. They will be first introduced to the concept of aeromodelling and then given the right guidance to build their very own projects. These aero models are selected in such way that your kid will understand both the design aspects and electronics design behind aeromodelling.

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Hence, providing them summer training programs is the most productive way to keep your child happy and active this summer vacation.

Now you have discovered the fun way to let your kids escape the heat, it's time to come forward and not think twice about these two amazing and the most recommended summer camp program for your kids.

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Want something for your kid to do from home?

Summer Training for School kids from Home

Don’t worry, we got that covered too. We at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing online based robotics courses that make robot building super easy for your kid. The kits required will be shipped to your doorstep and you & your kid can view the course content online anytime. Also these courses are equipped with scratch based block programming, so you & your kid can work together without even having any prior technology experience.

And we will be there at each and every step to guide you through this. Even you can schedule a doubt session as per your convenient time and interact with our experts to get the doubts clarified.

You can start with a free demo today to know how easy we have made the robot building for your kid.

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Good luck making this summer productive for your kid!

Still left with queries? Leave a comment below, we will get back to you shortly.

Summer camps for school students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2024-04-01

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