Aeromodelling Summer Camp for School Students

Aeromodelling Summer Camp for School Students

Best way for school students to learn aeromodelling in summer holidays

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    Learning Aeromodelling by building

    Help your kid learn aeromodelling in the best and most exciting way

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    Specially developed for school kids

    Ideal for school students to build cool aeromodels without prior experience

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    Smart Certificate

    Make your kid showcase his/ her practical skills to the world

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    Working Aeromodelling projects

    100% success guaranteed on all of your kid's aeromodelling projects

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    Learn-Do-Review Methodology

    Innovative learning methodology to help your kid learn the concepts while building

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    Practical skills

    Help your kid build aeromodels practically with their own hands

Skyfi Labs Aeromodelling Summer Camp for School Students

Skyfi Labs Summer Camp exposes school students to the exciting world of aeromodelling and provides the ideal duration for them to learn aeromodelling right from the basics and build aeromodels practically. By this way, you can get your kids started in Aeromodelling in a very cost effective manner and also make them to utilize their summer holidays effectively. With this summer camp, school students can learn aeromodelling directly from our experts in their own school/ community. You can also organize our Aeromodelling Summer Camp in your school/ community and our trainers will come there with the required kits and necessary materials to help your children to build awesome aeromodelling projects. Following an innovative Learn-Do-Review methodology, these summer camps keeps your kid engaged through out the training session by making them learn all the technical concepts behind aeromodelling and apply them to build working aeromodelling projects. With all the things in the right place, our school level aeromodelling summer camps are sure to give a great start to your kid's journey in aeromodelling.

Why Aeromodelling Summer Camp for School Students?

Aeromodelling is a great way of getting a glimpse into the world of drones, aeroplanes and space exploration technologies. School students should utilize their summer holidays to increase their knowledge on aeromodelling and improve their practical skills by building hands-on projects. Learning aeromodelling from school level will help them to develop an understanding about the aeromodelling technology and to understand how this is going to shape the future of the world. This will give them an opportunity to stay with the technological advancement and help them to develop advanced projects when they progress in their career. Learning aeromodelling from basics will also help school students to understand the concepts behind science and engineering in a practical manner. Building projects hands-on also helps school students to develop additional skills like critical thinking, structural thinking and improves their creativity, problem solving and ability to work in a team which are very hard to attain through conventional classroom sessions.

Summer holidays provide the ideal time for school students to learn aeromodelling right from the basics and build exciting projects in the process. Joining aeromodelling summer camps not only help school students to spend their summer vacation productively, they can also increase their knowledge on mechanical, electronics, electrical and computational domains through building aeromodelling projects. These summer camps also provide school students with sufficient duration to analyze their learning and make them apply the theoretical concepts learnt onto working projects and have fun at the same time.

Skyfi Labs summer camps on aeromodelling are developed keeping this in mind to deliver quality content in the most engaging way to school students. The Aeromodelling kits specially designed for these courses along with the quality content delivery from our experts will keep the school students completely engaged through out the training session. Skyfi Labs Aeromodelling Summer Camps for School Students are structured in a way to teach them right from the basic concepts and make them to develop projects as they progress. School Students also build aeromodelling projects practically while learning the theoretical concepts and these hands-on summer camps engage them effectively with a right mix of learning and fun.

You should get your kid started on aeromodelling as early as you can and Skyfi Labs Aeromodelling Summer Camps provides you the excellent platform to do this.