Sphere Drone Workshop at G.H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Management, Jalgaon

06 Aug - 07 Aug, 2015

G.H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Management, Jalgaon
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What is this workshop about?

Sphere drone is a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle having a distinctive ball-like shape and single rotor design allowing for some amazing flyability. It has possible applications in search & rescue, film making, military and many more such domains.

This unique workshop in sphere drone making, introduces you to various UAV structures and engineering principles. Developing the sphere drone on your own will help you gain practical insights on flight theory and other drone technologies.

Course Highlights

  • Learn all concepts of UAV Development and Engineering
  • Design, Fabricate and Test a Sphere Drone
  • Learn about stability and control of Drones
  • Hands-on experience with in-flight electronics - Transmitter, Receiver, Servos, Brushless Motors, Electronic Controller, etc.

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session - 4 hrs
  • Design Session - 1 hr
  • Fabrication Session - 7 hrs
  • Testing Session all drones designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team AerotriX - 3.5 hrs
  • Certificate Distribution - 0.5 hr

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Drones and UAVs
  • Aerodynamics of Drone
  • Stability and Control of Drone
  • Advanced technologies used in UAVs

Kit Content

  • Brushless DC Motor *
  • Electronic Speed Controller - ESC *
  • Transmitter **
  • Receiver **
  • Li-Po Battery *
  • Servo Motors (4 pieces) *
  • Coroplast
  • Working Tools#
  • Other miscellaneous items

The parts marked * are not part of economy kit. These components would be provided during the workshop but would be taken back after the workshop. This is being done to reduce the cost of the workshop and make it affordable for students who do not want to buy the complete kit.

**Complete kit consists of all the above items excluding transmitter and receiver.

#Working tools will be taken back after the workshop

Online Portal

Participants have access to an exclusive online portal to:

  • View status of registered and attended workshops
  • View study material for workshops
  • Write online exams and receive separate certificates with scores. These certificates with scores will provide students an opportunity to show their learning in job interviews.


  • All AerotriX certificates have a unique ID which can be verified online for authentication
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)


Anybody interested in unmanned aerial vehicles can attend this workshop.

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