Gesture Based Robotics Workshop as a part of The Roboversity Super Challenge at HIT,Kolkata, Kolkata

01 Mar - 02 Mar, 2014

HIT,Kolkata, Kolkata
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What is this workshop about?

Gesture Based Robotics (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Robotics) deals with robots which involve human-machine interaction- where a robot is controlled through hand movements. The robots take inputs from accelerometer sensor and are controlled by programmed microcontrollers.

The workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers and other electronic components used in Robotics. It also includes training on microcontroller programming using embedded C in order to control the robots.

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding the working of accelerometer sensor and signal processing
  • Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers
  • Practical experience for participant with DC motors, microcontrollers, sensors and accelerometers.
  • Designing and Development of Gesture Based Robots
  • Participants are encouraged to think and come up with new designs

Course Structure and Topics covered:

  • Lecture by an expert trainer - 4 hours
  • Designing the Robot - 1 hour
  • Fabricating the Robot - 2 hours
  • Programming the Robot - 5 hours
  • Testing Robots and Competition - 3 hours
  • Awards and Certificates Announcement - 0.5 hours

Online Portal

Participants have access to an exclusive online portal to:

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  • Write online exams and receive separate certificates with scores. These certificates with scores will provide students an opportunity to show their learning in job interviews.
  • Analyze their online scores in comparison with other students
  • View analysis of performance of students from across the country

Hardware Kits:

  • Dc motors
  • Embedded Development board
  • 12 v Battery
  • IR Sensors
  • nose plier*
  • wire stripper*
  • screwdriver and accelerometer

(*) Hardware kits will be taken back.


Anybody interested in Robotics and Embedded systems can attend this workshop.

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