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Skyfi Labs Internships

At Skyfi Labs, we work on a number of technologies and our R&D team often requires help. We asked a few bright students to work with our R&D team in the past and it resulted in great output. And we were also happy that we gave opportunities for talented engineering students to get exposure and prove themselves. (A number of them also joined us as engineers after graduation!)
Looking at the success we have had with them, we are now launching an official Internship program which will help talented engineering students to work with our R&D engineers on challenging problems and develop solutions.
If you are one such bright engineering student who loves to work hands-on, here is a great opportunity for you.

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Note: These internships are offered in very limited numbers as we cant handle large number of interns at the same time. So apply early for better chances of getting selected.

The internships involve working on actual projects that our engineers are undertaking. They happen during the semester and during holidays. So you are expected to be very professional during this internship period.

If you are looking for our summer and winter training programs to learn during your summer and winter break, please click on below links:

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How Skyfi Labs Internships Work?

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1. Apply Online

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Internships will be awarded to students based on their interview performance

2. Interviews

Our engineers will interview you and select the best applicants

Work with our engineers & develop innovative projects from your college

3. Start working

Work with our engineers remotely from your college

Earn exciting awards & get certified by Skyfi Labs for your projects

4. Earn Rewards

Cash + Certificate + Job opportunities

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