What you'll receive

  • Mini Project Kit/ Software
    Mini Project Kit/ Software

    Your kit, tested and shipped in 24 hours

  • Online Course to build mini projects
    Online Course

    Learn & build your mini project anywhere, anytime

  • Smart Certificate upon completion of mini project
    Smart Certificate

    Showcase your practical skills to the world

  • 1-1 Expert Support to build mini projects
    1-1 Expert Support

    Clear your doubts in dedicated 1-1 sessions

What you'll build

  • 100% Working Mini Project
    100% Working Mini Project

    Impress your interviewers, teachers and friends

  • Develop Prcatical Skills by building mini projects

    Not a 'paper engineer'. Be a real, practical engineer

  • Mini Projects portfolio

    Projects portfolio. Not bunch of certificates.

  • A Career
    A Career

    Grab the best jobs & higher studies opportunities

Mini project submissions by our students

project submissions video by our students
project submissions video by our students
project submissions video by our students

Why are mini projects important?

Mini projects, if done in a proper manner can help engineering students develop the profile needed for a great career in core technologies. Since mini projects gives engineering students the opportunity to explore latest technologies, you should utilize your mini projects to learn new concepts practically.
Also, doing good mini projects can help you perform well in your interviews for core job placements and higher studies admissions.

How to select a good mini project topic?

Mini projects if done well can add a lot of credibility to your profile. And especially your mini project building experience can help you perform well in core job placements & higher studies admission interviews. So here are some tips for you to select a good mini project topic.

Tip 1: Analyse the current trends: Before selecting your mini project topic, browse online for the latest technological trends. Because any project done on outdated technologies will not have any futuristic scope and will not add any credibility to your profile. So always choose mini project topics that involves latest technology.

Tip 2: Focus your mini project on any social issue: Mini projects that are done without any real-time solution or application will be of no use to anyone. Also when you do your mini projects focussing on any social issue, it leaves a good impression on people who interview you for core jobs or higher studies admissions.

Tip 3: Check the feasibility of your mini project: Before starting with your mini project, it is a good practice to check the feasibility of completing it on time & budget. Because if your mini project is too ambitious then you might not find the right resources to complete it successfully. So be very cautious and check the feasibility of completing your mini project before finalizing the topic.

Tip 4: Research about the mini projects done by your seniors: No one would want to see a mini project that is being repeated. So before finalising the mini project topic, make sure that none of your seniors had done the same mini project. If not a completely new innovative topic, your project should have some modifications which will give you a better learning experience. While researching about the mini projects done by your seniors, you can also come to know about the persons whom you can approach for some guidance when needed.

Tip 5: Refer the research journals published by scholars: Already a number of scholars around the globe is doing research on latest technologies. Referring their works, you can understand about the latest technological advancements happening around the globe and inculcate them onto your mini project. You can get access to their research journals from your college library or public forums to know in detail about their projects and methodologies used.

Tip 6: Get expert’s assistance whenever possible: Before you actually start with your mini project, first identify the various technologies that will be involved in implementing your project. Since it is not possible for you to learn all the technologies from basics, you need to look out for potential mentors who can help you with some of the technologies.

So whenever possible, get the right kind of assistance from these mentors as they can provide you a solution very quickly and guide properly whenever you face a problem.

Tip 7: Work with organizations like Skyfi Labs & build great mini projects: Since mini projects are extremely important to strengthen your profile and career, you should take it very seriously. Any mini project that is done without any learning involved will not add any credibility to your profile. For this, you can work with the experts to get the necessary guidance to learn and build your mini project.

For instance, the project-based courses provided by Skyfi Labs can help you build real-time projects while learning all the technical concepts involved. With the video tutorials available online 24x7 and kits shipped to you in 24 Hours, you are sure to have a great learning experience while building your mini project. You will also get 1-1 expert assistance as and when needed to complete your mini project on time.

How can you build good mini projects?

Mini Projects are done as a part of engineering curriculum. It is a platform where engineers can showcase their talent by doing innovative projects that strengthen their profile and increases the chance of employability. Keeping this in mind Skyfi Labs have launched Online project based courses which provide an excellent platform for the Engineering aspirants to build cool projects as a team or as an individual at their own pace and time, which can be done as a mini project-a part of their curriculum. With our Subject Matter Expert Engineer assigned as an online tutor it gives an unique opportunity for the aspirants to innovate and redefine the project under the guidance of the expert.

Skyfi Labs Project-Based Courses run using an innovative Learn-Do-Review methodology, which helps a student to understand theoretical concepts and apply them practically by building projects. This methodology ensures learning as you complete building your projects. With this learning, you will not just be able to complete your mini project but also be able to answer all your viva questions/ interview questions with confidence. The Skyfi Labs certificate with a unique number shows the world that you have learnt while doing the mini project and helps you stand apart from lakhs of other student projects. To select a project and pay online(Click here)

Skyfi Labs Project Based Courses also allow you to work in a team to build your mini projects. This will help you improve your teamwork in addition to helping you split the cost of your mini project and make it more affordable. Just select the number of members in your team while signing up and all the team members will get access to the course and certificates with unique IDs upon completion.

FAQs on Mini Projects for Engineering Students:

    What are Mini Projects in Engineering?

    Mini Projects are those projects that students can pick up along with their Engineering program. This is a good way for students to understand topics and theories in a hands-on and practical manner. These projects are based on their branch of engineering or specialization. The projects help students build a portfolio along with learning the skill and mastering the art too.

    Do I get a kit of my own?

    Yes, you do. Each of the courses and Mini-project programs comes with prescribed kits that are put together in our labs. These kits are equipped with everything you need for the course or program that will help you build your projects from scratch.

    Does this include Solar Projects too?

    Yes, it does. This category contains project ideas on Solar and Smart Energy Systems and Automatic Solar Tracker. These projects give you a sound understanding of IR Sensors and their applications, Solar and Smart energy systems; Arduino Architecture and its programming along with; Photoresistors too.

    Can anyone take up this course?

    Yes, anyone can take up this course. Although these courses are majority prescribed for students of engineering; the courses cover basics for beginners and enthusiasts too.

    What do I get in these fees?

    With course fees, you will receive:

    1. Lifetime access to the videos and tutorials.
    2. Project kits and softwares
    3. Charges for support and shipping.

    Should I return the kits once the course is done?

    No, you don’t have to. These kits are yours to keep. Once you have enrolled for the course, you get to keep the kits. In case you are upgrading or picking up another course, you will only have to pay for the fees of that course and for the additional equipment that completes the kit.

    Are these courses and classes online?

    Yes, they are. The courses and programs are completely online. The courses come with fascinating multimedia content that carries the in-depth course curriculum. For doubts, you can always schedule a chat with our top mentors and trainers will help you via online sessions.

    How should I contact you?

    You can always get in touch with us via mail at info@skyfilabs.com or call us on our toll-free number at 1800-123-7177.

    Will I get assistance with these online courses and programs?

    Yes, you will. The courses are equipped with top trainers and mentors. You can always schedule a chat with the trainers and mentors to clarify doubts and queries.

    How do I enroll in the course?

    You can choose the course or program of your choice from here. Once you have chosen the course, you can either schedule a free trial to get an idea of what is in store and about the topics you will learn. In this trial session, you can interact with the trainers too. Or, you can directly enroll for the course with the secure payment link provided on the website.

    Why should I take up this course at Skyfi Labs?

    The mini-projects at Skyfi Labs, are designed on the lines of giving you a complete hands-on experience with project-based learning modules. Skyfi Labs believes in bringing out more skilled and talented engineers to the world rather than paper engineers.

    With these Mini-Projects, you will learn how to build robots from scratch, learn important industry-grade technologies that equip you for the future, develop unmatched skills in programming and coding languages, and most importantly build an attractive portfolio.

    This is a venture by an IIT Alumni. We have a presence in over 67 countries, and we have trained nearly 400,000+ Students from around the world. Another reason why you should consider Skyfi Labs is that we bring learning to your home. We ensure our fully-equipped kits reach your doorstep in 48 hours or less.

    We also have a number of prestigious awards like the 2nd Best Business Venture Award, Ideas, IIT Kanpur | 30 Most Promising Start-Ups, Next Big Idea, IIM Bangalore | Runner-up UnLtd India Growth Challenge, and many more.