7 Robots Online Project based Course (Combo Course)

Ideal course for beginners to understand sensors, components and programming of Robotics by building 7 Robotics Projects

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What is this course about?

This course is your ticket into the world of robotics, one of the hottest engineering streams in the World. You will work on basic to advanced robots with practical exercises on key robotics technologies.

You'll design and develop the following projects

  • Basic
    • Line Follower Robot that follows a line using infrared sensors
    • Obstacle Follower & Phototropic Robot that follows obstacles and light
    • Obstacle Avoider & Photophobic Robot that avoids obstacles and light
  • Medium
    • Robot controlled by mobile phones and DTMF technology
    • Gesture Based Robot controlled by hand gestures using accelerometer sensor
  • Advanced
    • Swarm Robots that communicate using radio frequencies to work together
    • Maze Solver Robot that can navigate through a maze autonomously

How to do the Online Course?

Learn and Build 7 Robots in 3 Steps

Login to our Online Learning Portal will be provided instantaneously upon enrolling. This Portal gives you access to video lectures, tutorials and quizzes required to build your robot. You can also view the demo of this course by clicking on the 'View Demo' button above.

Roboversity kit to build 7 Robots will be dispatched to you within 24 hours of enrolment. Use this kit along with the online portal to learn and complete the project based course. As you complete the course your robot will also be completed.

About Online Course


FeaturesClassroom TrainingOnline project based course
KitWill be given in the classWill be dispatched to you in 24 Hours
Doubt Clarification1 trainer to 40 studentsPersonal 1-to-1 session (Video/Chat) with our experts
Duration40 Hrs Fixed40 Hrs at your own pace (Complete within 60 days)
VenueFixedAnywhere as per your convenience
Additional cost for studentTravel, Accommodation to reach the venueNo additional costs
RefundOnly before training program startsAnytime if you don't like the course
Revision Using study material in pdf formatSee the video lectures/tutorials any number of times
Pause & ResumeNot possiblePause and resume any number of times
Module Size2 hour lecture3 min videos which will allow you to take breaks
Hands-on session1 trainer to 40 studentsHigh clarity videos showing clear steps which can be reviewed any number of times
CertificationUpon Completion Upon Completion
Study MaterialPDF format (Online)Excellent Video based lectures and tutorials
ExaminationOnline at extra fee (Rs. 299)Inbuilt in the course
PriceRs. 3,600 per studentRs. 3,599 per student (team of 5)

Course Structure

Module 1: What is an Autonomous Robot?

Learn: What is Sensor Based Robotics

Review: What is an Autonomous Robot?

Module 2: How does a Sensor Robot Work?

Learn : How does a Sensor Robot work

Learn : How do IR Sensors work?

Do : How to power an IR Sensor?

Do : Make an IR Sensor work

Review : How does a Sensor Robot work?

Module 3: Brain of a Robot

Learn : Working of a Microcontroller

Learn : Structure of a Microcontroller

Learn : Skyfi Labs Development Board Schematic

Do : Identification of different components on the board

Review : Brain of the robot

Module 4: How Does a Robot Move?

Learn : Motors and Motor Drivers

Learn : Working of a DC Motor

Do : Checking the working of the motors

Review : How does a Robot move?

Module 5: Build Your Robot

Learn : Chassis of a Robot

Do : Fabricating the chassis of the Robot

Module 6: Programming the Robot

Learn : Binary and Hexadecimal Number Systems

Learn : Port Reference using Hexadecimals

Learn : Masking

Learn : Delay Logic

Module 7: Programming & Testing the Line Follower Robot

Learn : Line Follower Programming Logic

Do : Write the code for a Line Follower Robot

Do : Instruction set to Machine Language

Review : Instruction set to Machine Language

Do : Flashing the code onto the Robot

Review : Programming the Robot

Do : Test Line Follower Robot

Do : Submit your Line Follower Robot video

Module 8: Programming & Testing the Obstacle Avoider/Photophobic Robot

Learn : Obstacle Avoider/Photophobic Robot Programming Logic

Do : Write the Code for an Obstacle Avoider/Photophobic Robot

Do : Test your Obstacle Avoider/Photophobic Robot

Do : Submit your Obstacle Avoider/Photophobic Robot video

Module 9: Programming & Testing the Obstacle Follower/Phototropic Robot

Learn : Obstacle Follower/Phototropic Robot Programming Logic

Do : Write the Code for an Obstacle Follower/Phototropic Robot

Do : Test your Obstacle Follower/Phototropic Robot

Do : Submit your Obstacle Follower/Phototropic Robot video

Module 10: What is Gesture Controlled Robot?

Learn : How to Sense a Gesture?

Do : Powering an Accelerometer?

Do : Calibration of an Accelerometer

Do : Make the accelerometer work

Review : How to Sense a Gesture?

Module 11: Programming & Testing the Gesture Based Robot

Learn : Gesture Based Robot Programming Logic

Do : Write the Code for an Gesture Based Robot

Do : Test your Gesture Based Robot

Do : Submit your Gesture Based Robot video

Module 12: What is Mobile Robot?

Learn : How does DTMF work?

Do : Powering a DTMF Decoder

Do : Make the DTMF Decoder work

Review : How does DTMF work?

Module 13: Programming & Testing the Mobile Robot

Learn : Mobile Robot Programming Logic

Do : Write the Code for an Mobile Robot

Do : Test your Mobile Robot

Do : Submit your Mobile Robot video

Module 14: What are Swarm Robots?

Learn : What is Swarm?

Learn : How does RF Communication work?

Do : Powering the Rx-Tx modules

Do : Make the Rx-Tx Modules work

Review : What is Swarm?

Module 15: Programming & Testing the Swarm Robots

Learn : Swarm Robots Programming Logic

Do : Write the Code for a Swarm Master Robot

Do : Write the Code for a Swarm Slave Robot

Do : Test your Swarm Robots

Do : Submit your Swarm Robots video

Module 16: What is a Maze Solver Robot?

Learn : What is a Maze Solver Robot?

Review : What is a Maze Solver Robot

Module 17: Programming & Testing the Maze Solver Robot

Learn : Maze Solver Programming Logic

Learn : Write the Code for a Maze Solver Robot

Do : Test your Maze Solver Robot

Do : Submit your Maze Solver Robot video

Module 18: Course Completion

Do : Download certificate

Hardware Kit

Skyfi Labs 7 Robots (Combo Course) Kit containing the following items will be dispatched to your address within 24 hours. One kit will be sent per team.

  • Skyfi Labs' Robotics Development Board
  • USB-ASP Program Cable
  • Microcontroller
  • All ICs and IC Holders
  • DC Motors - 2 Nos.
  • Wheels for Motors - 4 Nos.
  • IR Sensors - 4 Nos.
  • DTMF encoder decoder module
  • Audio jack
  • Accelerometer ADXL335 Sensor
  • RF Tx-Rx Module
  • Chassis - 2 Nos.
  • U Clamps - 4 Nos.
  • Wheels for Motors - 4 Nos.
  • Castor Wheels - 2 Nos.
  • Other miscellaneous items

In addition to the above, you will also get the following extra items so that you can build two robots for the Swarm Robotics project in this course.

  • Skyfi Labs' Robotics Development Board
  • DC Motors - 2 Nos

The kits are well tested before dispatching and come with 100% replacement warranty.

Multimeter and Battery (6F22 9V) are required for this project. Shipping these items isn't possible due to the logistics issues. These items are easily available in your local market. Our team will assist you in getting these items if needed.

Team Size and Certification

  • A team can have maximum of 5 members
  • All members will get logins
  • One kit will be sent per team
  • Certificate of Completion will be provided to each team member as soon as the member completes the course.

All Roboversity certificates have a unique ID which can be verified online for authentication.


Anybody interested in robotics, robotics competitions and embedded systems can attend this course.

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