Skyfi Labs Presence

Skyfi Labs is currently present in 67 countries. More than 500,000 students from 67 countries have enrolled in Skyfi Labs programs and benefitted from the unique hands-on learning approach. Skyfi Labs ships kits and provide online video-based tutorials/ live online classes from expert teachers to help students learn in a hands-on fun-filled manner.

Does Skyfi Labs ship kits internationally?

Yes, Skyfi Labs kits are available internationally. You can enroll online on the website and the kit is shipped to your address. You can access tutorials or online classes and use the kit that reaches your house.

Which age group does Skyfi Labs provide courses for?

Skyfi Labs courses start from age 8 onwards and go up to post-graduate level. We even have students in their 50s! Skyfi Labs courses for kids: These courses come with specially designed kits accredited by and a curriculum designed by experts for this age group. They are designed to increase the creativity and curiosity of children towards science and technology and make them the innovators of the future.
Skyfi Labs courses for undergraduates and above: These courses are perfect to have a great career in technology. They are hands-on and provide the skills needed to have a great career ahead!