Latest Projects Based on Burp Suite

The following projects are based on burp suite. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using burp suite.

1. No Rate Limit Attack (OTP Bypassing)

No Rate Limit Attack (OTP Bypassing)

Newbie to ethical hacking wanna try on Bypassing the OTP. Then you choose the right project. In this article, I will tell you to bypass OTP with no rate limit attack,

What is no rate limit attack? In no rate limit, we pass many requests to the server or we can say brute force attack of OTP until the right OTP strikes the server is called no rate limit attack.

2. Using Burp Suite for OTP Bypassing

Using Burp Suite for OTP Bypassing

OTP Bypassing

Ethical hacking is fun but under limits. One of the things every hacker tries is OTP Bypassing. There are different ways from which we easily bypass the login credentials with the help of OTP bypassing.

What is OTP :

OTP stands for a one time password which is used to login in a registered account. it provides a mechanism to login into a network for a single session only.

The OTP SMS gateway provider is more connected than the static PIN or password code, especially the PIN or password code generated by the user, which is usually weak. OTPs can restore verification sign-in details or add to it a different kind of strict security.

In this ethical hacking project, I will explain the whole process to bypass OTP using Burp-Suite.

3. Wireless Pentesting Ethical hacking project

Wireless Pentesting Ethical hacking project

Wireless technology is here and it is going to stay. Knowing the risks and vulnerabilities involved in wireless technology will help you to secure your network. In this ethical hacking project, we are going to examine the wireless network using a wireless penetration test. This project is for an educational purpose to never try to breach other wireless networks in real life.

What is wireless penetration testing?

It is an authorised exploitation method where ethical hackers perform an attack to detect the vulnerabilities in a wireless network and identify the misconfigured access points and weak security protocols.

4. Web Application Pentesting

Web Application Pentesting

In this modern world, around 78% of businesses are facing cybersecurity threats every year. It is always the sole responsibility of cybersecurity professionals to protect the data or network from the security breach. Professionals carry out the various processes to identify the vulnerabilities in a network. One such process is Penetration Testing. It is also known as the Pen Test which is performed by ethical hackers in a system externally or internally to identify the vulnerabilities.

Web Application Pentesting involves breaching of a different number of application systems such as APIs, servers(frontend and backend) to identify and solve the vulnerabilities. 

Latest Projects based on burp suite
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