The following projects are based on computer science. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using computer science.

1. Library Management System using SQL and C++

Library Management System using SQL and C++

A large organization uses a huge amount of data every day. Again with time the amount of data keeps on increasing. Keeping a record of those data using pen and paper is not advisable as physical data can be misplaced and difficult to retrieve. So, to run an organization smoothly and to keep a record of all data in a meaning full manner, we require a computerized management system. In this project, you will be addressing one of this kind of problem, which is the management of a library by developing an application using C++ and Oracle 11g.

2. Online Restaurant Locator

Online Restaurant Locator

Café Finder offers a casual method to find the best nourishment arrangements and eateries close to you. In the event that you permit it, the application can find the nearest cafés just by utilizing your location. The android gadget goes about as a customer and PC goes about as a server. The locations information is put away on the server and cell phone is utilized to get to it so as to show to the client.

3. Character control with body motion - Augmented Reality project

Character control with body motion - Augmented Reality project

AR (augmented reality) has changed the way we see the world. Nowadays Augmented reality is widely utilized for various applications like Architecture, Retail, medicine, sports, etc. For example - You might have observed during a football match, the name of the players and scores will be displayed above their heads and also in shopping centres, you can trail clothes without wearing it.

In this AR project, we will develop your favourite movie characters and will try to control the characters using body motion. Following are the tools used to build this AR project:

4. Virtual classroom JAVA project

Virtual classroom JAVA project

Nowadays due to the advancement in technologies like smartphones, high-speed internet and the cost-efficient internet packs paved the way for greater innovation such as virtual classrooms, virtual office meetings, etc. In this JAVA project, you will learn to develop a virtual classroom project.

The virtual classroom is an innovative method of teaching used by the teachers to create an interactive platform to teach students remotely. Here the communication is performed in various ways like live video, text chat, live audio, screen sharing, etc. This method of teaching has lots of advantages than the traditional classroom method.

5. Simple Phishing attack

Simple Phishing attack

If you are from a computer science background, you might have come across this phrase “phishing”. Phishing is an act of acquiring information such as bank card details, username, passwords, etc. from an individual illegally. In this ethical hacking project, we will create a phishing page of Facebook to acquire the username and login credentials of the victim. This project is for educational purpose only don’t misuse.

Following are the target areas where the phishing attack is performed - social networking sites, online payment sites, banking sites, online shopping sites, etc. This phishing technique is carried by sending a link to the victim via email or messaging applications.

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6. Rock, paper, scissor game using python

Rock, paper, scissor game using python

Python is a multi-purpose language which can be used to do anything. You can also develop games using python. In this python project, we are going to develop a Rock, paper, scissor game using python. Rock, paper, scissor is a game which is played between two individuals. Here you are going to develop a game where your opponent is the computer. We are not going to use any external library to develop this game.

7. Youtube video downloader with Tkinter UI python project

Youtube video downloader with Tkinter UI python project

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language which is used for various applications. Using python you can make a web application, desktop application, Games, etc. In this python project, we will discuss how to download youtube videos using python and also we will create a nice UI using the Tkinter library.

Youtube is a widely used video-sharing platform downloading a video from youtube is a hectic task. To download a video you need to copy and paste the link to another site or you need to install an extension which will display unwanted ads. To avoid all the headaches and also to develop your programming skill I will show you how to download a youtube video.

8. Augmented reality Android app

Augmented reality Android app

Augmented reality has gained huge popularity since its inception. It is widely used for gaming, eCommerce, healthcare, sports, etc. Augmented reality is the introduction of artificial things into the real world based on the environment. In this AR project, we will develop an Augmented reality android application which will replace the original card with a different one and will play a video on a static image.

Following are the tools used to develop this Augmented reality project:

9. Instagram bot using python

Instagram bot using python

Who doesn’t want to increase their Instagram followers? Ever worried for not getting more likes or followers for your Insta page. Forget about it. In this python project, we will develop an Instabot which will boost the followers and likes for your Instagram page or post.

There are so many people who earn money via Instagrams posts and pages. Also, there are some companies such as Kicksta, SocialCaptain, Instavast, etc. who will work to promote one’s Instagram page or post by reaching more audiences. The above-mentioned companies do this by automating the tasks in return people pay them a lot.

So, how we can increase the followers? Basically to increase the number of followers you need to share posts, post new videos/photos, comment on other people’s post and like other’s post. You need to do all these things more often to gain more followers.

10. Desktop notifier app using python

Desktop notifier app using python

Notifications help people to remember things. It is a small piece of text which appears on the desktop or mobile screen to inform the user about the updates or any other important pieces of information. This allows the user to focus on important things and ignore the non-important ones. The notifications are stored in the notification bar which you can refer after finishing your works. In this python project, you will learn to develop an application which will notify the user.

We will include the URL in the program from where the necessary information should be fetched. Before starting the project ensure you have installed the newest version of Python and install the libraries - notify2 and BeautifulSoup.

11. Performing Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack using dSploit

Performing Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack using dSploit

Hacking someone’s Wi-Fi and sniffing their tasks is actually a cool thing to do but also it is illegal. Wireless networks are available to anyone within the routers broadcast area which makes it vulnerable for attacks. In this ethical hacking project, we are going to simulate a man-in-the-middle attack in a friendly network using dSploit android application. This project is for learning purpose only. Perform this simulation on your own Wi-Fi network 

12. Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion application using JAVA

Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion application using JAVA

JAVA is one of the famous programming languages of all time and also it is the most effective programming language. Following are some of the advantages of JAVA: simple and user-friendly, object-oriented, and it can run on any machine without any special software.

In this JAVA project, we will develop an application to convert Fahrenheit into Celcius with the help of JAVA programming.

13. Password cracker using Python Ethical hacking project

Password cracker using Python Ethical hacking project

In recent years ethical hacking has gained huge popularity because of its wide applications. It is used by many organizations to prevent their site from hackers. Before discussing ethical hacking first you need to understand what is hacking.

Hacking is the process of performing malicious activities in a device by gaining unauthorized access using the vulnerabilities found in the system. The malicious activities such as deleting a system file or stealing sensitive information. Mostly hacking is performed illegally without taking permission from the user.

Now, will discuss what is ethical hacking. It is the process of finding the vulnerabilities in a system or device by performing various attacks to resolve those vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking is legal and it is performed after taking permission from the user.

In this ethical hacking project, we are going to use python to create a password cracker which uses a dictionary attack to crack passwords.

Passwords are always hashed before storing in the database and the hash is compared for verification purpose.

14. Virtual Private Network using JAVA

Virtual Private Network using JAVA

Virtual Private Network or VPN is used for various purposes to access the internet securely. VPN is legalised in most of the countries unless it is not used to access copyrighted material or to commit online fraud. In this JAVA project, we will learn to develop a VPN app in JAVA using Android Studio.

Let’s understand What is VPN?

VPN is abbreviated to Virtual Private Network. VPN creates a private network using a public network such as the internet to create a safe and encrypted connection. Here the user is part of the local network only, but with the help of tunnelling protocols, VPN creates a secure connection.

For example - Think of a situation where the corporate office of a bank is headquartered at Singapore, the computers in that office are connected to a local network. Another branch of the same bank is in Mumbai. Now if they want to connect both the network means, the usual method of creating a secure connection between the head office and branch office is by a leased line which is a costly method and not reliable.

15. Spotify song downloader using python

Spotify song downloader using python

Everyone in the world loves to listen to songs. Spotify is an online music streaming application through which you can able to listen to almost all the songs. But here the drawback is when the song plays online it will buffer while playing. Also, most of us want the songs to play in offline mode.

But it is a difficult task to download the songs by searching manually, wherein Spotify you can create a playlist and save all your songs so that you can listen to it wherever you want. Also, Spotify will not allow you to download the songs. What if I say you can able to download the songs from Spotify with the help of python.

Yes, using python you can download the songs from Spotify. This python project will teach you how to download songs from Spotify using python.

16. Snake game using C++

Snake game using C++

We all have played the vintage snake game in our devices in our childhood. Accept it, the game may be basic but it was quite addicting and we all used to get so engrossed and played it to increase the tail until we hit our head with it and BOOM game over! If you have ever wondered how this game can be built then here is small support that I could provide.

Let me introduce you to the game if you are new to it. There is a snakehead, a snake tail, and a fruit in the game. You can move your snake up, down, left as well as right. And, as you swallow the fruit the tail size increases. If you collide with the tail or cross the bounds of the wall then the game is over. 

17. Asteroids game using C++

Asteroids game using C++

If you are new to programming then you must always have wondered how tough could it be implementing a language in developing a game. But it is as easy as implementing some simple mathematical formulae to a problem and obtaining a solution.

To start with this C++ project, let me introduce you to the game. There are asteroids, a spaceship, and obviously a black screen in the game. The game is based in space where the user can rotate the spaceship and shoot bullets and try and break the floating asteroids which come in his way. Colliding with the asteroid at any moment will end and restart the game. Hence, the game is really about how long can the user survive. 

18. Hangman game using C++

Hangman game using C++

You recognise the hangman game from your childhood which you must have played on both your PCs and paper as well. It requires no rocket science to build this game. In this C++ project, you will learn to build the hangman game. It is as easy as writing codes on your editor and visualizing it on the console. Therefore, all you need to have is any IDE you want and get started. This could be a first step towards developing games if you aim to choose the game development field in future and C++ is your language.

Coming to the game, you already must know that there is a random word in the game and the player has to guess it by guessing the letters. Each time a letter is guessed a part of the hangman is drawn and the game ends as soon as the whole hangman is drawn. If you couldn’t guess the word till the hangman was drawn then you fail and if you did then score!

19. Supermarket Billing system using Python

Supermarket Billing system using Python

You will agree with me when I say that we encounter various software in our daily lives and know the importance of it. Some things would just have been a mess if a particular software had not appeared there to help. But, the software's no miracle. It is all about summing up all the mess and solving it at one-all place at once. So, similar software is a supermarket billing system which reduces so many manual calculations while billing all the items you buy from a supermarket. 

This python project will guide you through the whole drill of creating a super easy-peasy supermarket billing system. You do not need to be a pro coder for it. Just some simple logic and a bit of knowledge of python would do. 

20. E-learning platform using Cloud Computing

E-learning platform using Cloud Computing

With the advancement in technology, a huge change is happening in the education system. In this cloud computing project, we will develop an e-learning platform using cloud computing. Cloud computing is widely used in various fields because of its various applications and easy deployment. Nowadays with easy access to the internet and smartphones, everyone is able to connect and access online resources. This also expanded the use of cloud computing services. 

E-learning is one of the fast and efficient ways to spread knowledge to learners from different parts of the world. E-learning uses modern technology and digital content to make the learning process more attractive. Effectiveness, consistency, scalability, reduced costs, etc. are some of the advantages of the E-learning platforms. But to set up an e-learning platform it requires a huge software and hardware resources. Cloud computing provides the best solution to set up the infrastructure for the e-learning platform with reduced costs. It uses the internet and remote servers to maintain data and applications. 

21. C++ project using OOPs, Inheritance and Polymorphism

C++ project using OOPs, Inheritance and Polymorphism

C++ is a widely-used programming language used to create high-performance applications. It is used to program computers, develop browsers, Operating systems, game development and many more. In this C++ project, we will discuss OOP’s, Inheritance and Polymorphism. 

22. Hotel management system project in C

Hotel management system project in C


A hotel management system constructed with the help of C language enables us to perform various operation related to bill calculation, menu editing, etc. In this C programming project, we will see how to build a hotel management system using simple tools. By building this hotel management project we can perform sorting, selection, calculating bills, etc. It helps in many ways as it reduces human effort and makes the whole process more accurate. The accuracy is very important as it does happen in calculating manually. The project will not be lengthy and you can learn it easily.

23. Desktop voice assistant project

Desktop voice assistant project


We all know about Google Assistant and Cortana desktop, they recognize the voice and perform an action according to our commands. Actually it is a part of the smart home concept. Just you have to give a voice command and the system will help you to act on it. So if you want to develop such a system then this article is for you. Skyfi Labs will give you a brief overview of the project.

24. Digital Clock using C

Digital Clock using C


C is a procedure-oriented programming language. As an all-purpose programming language, C programming has a diverse range of usability. With the advent of C programming, memory allocation and optimization became a lot easier. C programming is portable and has its own advantages. Kernels of many operating systems like Linux, Mac and windows are scripted in C. We had learned all concepts of the C programming language. But do you know the practical applications of C, If not then Skyfi Labs will help you to learn more about C programming?

Project Description

This article gives the overview that how to create a digital alarm clock using C language. Actually this project is for beginners, who just learn to code and want to implement it in actual application. So this system is basically for some practical purpose. There is a small program and you can code it just in 15 minutes.

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