Latest Projects Based on Furnace

The following projects are based on furnace. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using furnace.

1. Domestic Thermal Insulation with Sugarcane Composite

Domestic Thermal Insulation with Sugarcane Composite

On this modern age the composite materials are become the primary material for any engineering production because composite materials have several specific properties such as high strength to weight ratio, low cost, and ease of fabrication, tensile strength, compressive strength, Impact strength, high resistance to thermal which does not realize in pure material or non-composite material. Because of its vast application, a Mechanical Engineer should know how to fabricate and teste a composite material. In this project, you will be using two waste materials i.e. bagasse and waste plastic to produce a composite. The composite can be used for the purpose of heat insulation which we can apply in our rooftops or any place where we can reduce the heat transfer. The main aspect of our project is to produce something useful out of waste materials.


2. Stabilization of Expansive Soil using Sugarcane Straw Ash

Stabilization of Expansive Soil using Sugarcane Straw Ash

Expansive soils are very hard when dry, but loses its strength completely in wet condition and these expansive soil poses several problems for civil engineering works like road construction, building construction etc. Soil stabilization in one of the important features for construction because it improves the engineering properties of soil such as strength, durability & stability. In this project, an attempt is made to increase the strength of expansive soils by using sugarcane straw ash.

3. Geo Polymer Brick

Geo Polymer Brick

Conventional bricks are the most important construction material and used extensively throughout India. But using these bricks that are made by earth (clay) is harmful to the environment because bricks are made from clay which is good in quality and only available from agricultural fields.

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Latest Projects based on furnace
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