Latest Projects Based on Ground Improvement

The following projects are based on ground improvement. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using ground improvement.

1. Project on Ground Improvement using Stone Column

Project on Ground Improvement using Stone Column

In order to enhance infrastructure projects, large civil engineering projects are executed in India. Due to space constraints and time limits infrastructure facilities have to often build on site where the soil conditions are not ideal. This is where the geotechnical engineer plays a critical role in improving the soil conditions. The method of ground improvement adopted depends upon the nature of strata and the purpose of improvement. Under different improvement techniques, ground improvement using stone columns offers a proven and economical solution. In this project, you are going to make a stone column with different composition to know which composition gives more strength to the soil.

2. Cement Stabilized Masonry Interlocking Blocks

Cement Stabilized Masonry Interlocking Blocks

The requirements of construction materials are increasing day by day due to the continued infrastructural growth. Because of this large quantity of waste is also generated every year. Waste generated from the aluminium industries like aluminium hydroxide and many more wastes are generated from the industries while processing the raw materials.

3. Conversion of coffee grounds into Renewable Energy

Conversion of coffee grounds into Renewable Energy

Biodiesel is a decent substitute for fossil fuel. In recent years biodiesel produced from animal fats and vegetable oil has grown attention. One of the reasons for this is Biodiesel is eco-friendly.

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Latest Projects based on ground improvement
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