Latest Projects Based on Mix Design

The following projects are based on mix design. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using mix design.

1. Sugarmill waste in construction

Sugarmill waste in construction

Construction is a work that leads to environmental degradation that has resulted in global warming and climate change. A good example of degradation in construction work is the emission of carbon-di-oxide accounted as the 2nd largest after electricity generation which is around about 930 million tons/year or approximately 7% of the total CO2 emissions.

2. Waterproofing of Roof With Discarded Tyre Rubber Crumb

Waterproofing of Roof With Discarded Tyre Rubber Crumb

Around 110,00,000 new vehicles are been added to Indian roads every year. Due to this, about 3 crores of tyres are been discarded by the vehicle users every year and causing a potential threat to the environment.

3. Cement Stabilized Masonry Interlocking Blocks

Cement Stabilized Masonry Interlocking Blocks

The requirements of construction materials are increasing day by day due to the continued infrastructural growth. Because of this large quantity of waste is also generated every year. Waste generated from the aluminium industries like aluminium hydroxide and many more wastes are generated from the industries while processing the raw materials.

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Latest Projects based on mix design
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