Latest Projects Based on Pavement

The following projects are based on pavement. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using pavement.

1. What are Pavements? How to Design a Pavement?

What are Pavements? How to Design a Pavement?

A highway pavement is a structure consisting of superimposed layers of processed materials above the natural soil subgrade, whose primary function is to distribute the applied vehicle loads to the subgrade. The pavement structure should be able to provide a surface of acceptable riding quality, adequate skid resistance, favorable light reflecting characteristics, and low noise pollution. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the transmitted stresses due to wheel load are sufficiently reduced, so that they will not exceed bearing capacity of the sub- grade.

2. Design of Flexible Pavement

Design of Flexible Pavement

In this present electronic age, the development of the country is going at a very fast pace. So, with the development of the country, heavy load vehicles are also rapidly increasing. Road transport is the only transport by which you can travel door to door.

3. Design of Intersection

Design of Intersection

Nowadays, the rate of increase in road traffic is very high. Especially in developing countries like India facing the problems of traffic due to bad junction design. This junction or intersection is not designed for today’s traffic so the congestion is taking place. This congestion of the traffic at the intersection is very crucial because the traffic performance at the intersection affects the traffic of the whole road map.

4. Use of Coconut Charcoal in Pavement as filler

Use of Coconut Charcoal in Pavement as filler

Nowadays, the steady increase in traffic intensity in terms of commercial vehicles, and the seasonal temperature variations are throwing us into a situation to think some alternatives for the improvisation of the pavement quality and characteristics by applying some necessary changes which shall fulfil both the economic aspects as well as strength.

5. Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Transportation is a non-separable part of any society. Due to the continuous improvement of infrastructure, and hence increasing transportation needs, civil engineers need to have a practical understanding of transportation engineering.
Within 5 years, the industry has grown from 20 billion dollars to 60 billion dollars proves that this industry drives innovation. And with new ways of transportation like Hyperloop and Maglev Vehicles, the industry is expected to boom in upcoming years.

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Latest Projects based on pavement
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