Latest Projects Based on Pneumatic

The following projects are based on pneumatic. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using pneumatic.

1. Three Axis Modern Trailer

Three Axis Modern Trailer

Today’s developing Technologies to reduce the risk of man life and the efficient of the machine in high accuracy, not in the manufacturing industries development and daily life the technology is improved.

2. Pneumatic Braking System

Pneumatic Braking System

A brake is a device by means of which frictional resistance is applies to a moving machine member, in order to retard or stop the motion of a machine. Most commonly brakes use friction between two surfaces pressed together to convert the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat slow down the motion of the vehicle.

3. Arduino Controlled Electro-Pneumatics Crane

Arduino Controlled Electro-Pneumatics Crane

About the project

As we all know different branches existing in the engineering. Today we are in an era of fusion of such branches like mechanical combined with electronics is mechatronics, linkages with electronics lead to robots and so on. Similarly, there is another interesting type fusion of such of two different branches i.e. electronics and pneumatics.

4. 5th Wheel Car Parking System

5th Wheel Car Parking System

In automobiles, parking system is difficult to park the vehicle, needs to be more alert while parking in order to avoid hitting of the car during the reverse motion. Therefore to avoid, a concept of parallel parking is made.

5. Automatic Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine

Automatic Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine

Generally, scissors are used for simple paper cutting. It is a method which results in wastage of papers because of mistakes such as wrong dimensions etc., and also even a simple cutting may take a long time. Hydraulic machines are also available for paper cutting. But it is used only for heavy paper cutting & sheet metal cutting in large industries and its cost is very high. To resolve this problem, you are going to build a pneumatic system which will be rather easy to build but also work effectively during paper cutting.

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6. Electro Pneumatic Sorting Machine

Electro Pneumatic Sorting Machine

Project Description

Pneumatic power has found great application in the engineering industry today. The are heavily used for automation to simplify tasks. A great deal of human effort and time is saved by its application. Through this project you will learn how to use pneumatic power to automate a task. This is a scaled down setup for an electro - pneumatic sorting machine that can sort objects based on their colour. Here, we will sort defective objects from a moving conveyor belt using a cylinder and optical sensor.

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Latest Projects based on pneumatic
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